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1933 Rudge Ulster



 500cc   -  British

 This is an amazing bike,  1933 Rudge Ulster, in beautiful condition.  Interesting enough, Enzo Ferrari sough out Rudge in1933 and formed a race team around these bikes.   This was restored in England many years ago.  For the last 10 years it has been featured in a private collection displayed in their living room.  Beautiful bike, and very hard to find.  The bike does run, we got it started, but it will need a good bike shop to go through it and service it before you really get out and ride it.  The tank has been repaired in the past, maybe even more than once in its life.  It has sealer inside that is starting to fail, and give away, so that will have be addressed as well.      If interested let us know, would be very happy to show it to any potential collectors.   This bike is up for auction right now at NO RESERVE, click the link above.   Thanks Jason 503-910-2085


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