Here's a little Inception. Stanley and Nolan are helping write the blog and I show up and am like where is my chair!!!  You can seriously tell Stanley is interested, he didn't event look at me until I asked him if he wanted some treats.   He is like you better be telling some great stories about him, and breaking out some Rootbeer really soon!!!

 Lol, I am surprised he didn't flip himself out of the seat, this little...

 WELL, each week is different for us, we went crazy and bought a bunch of 90's rigs!!!!    Like this 1993 Chevrolet CK2500 above. While I am standing there looking at it, yeah drooling over it, and I start to think to myself, how old it is, 25 years old, that is crazy.  I remember back around 1986 when I started to get into cars, I was like, wow, I want one of those old 1965 Mustangs, what a classic, lol jokes on me, it was on...

 We Finally made it past the holidays! We had a couple days off here at Denwerks and we hope you all got a good rest over your break! But now the fun begins as we kick off 2019. Were excited to start finding some new rigs for you all and look forward to a great year!   We had a busy year, lots of stuff going on, which included a House and shop move, which was a huge chore.   We were still able in  2018 to sell  50...

 Tis the season for a great ride in Stanley's Sleigh.  I just crack up every time I see him, not only in his Argyle sweeter, but we were able to put a Santa hat on his, and he just stood there like he was something really specially.   I am surprised he didn't try to eat the hat, he does everything else.    I hope every has a great Christmas, make sure to love on your family and friends, and for sure, talk about Rigs, just a li...

 Hey its getting close, Santa is watching.  Boy, Stanley is looking large and in charge in this photo, lol.  It takes a lot of treats these days to get him to stand and take a photo, we have to pay him handsomely!    He had a great time today with our friend Randy.  We met Randy through Bring a Trailer, and he recently bought our little red 1966 VW bug.  He is from Idaho, and stopped in today to pick it up and drive it back to...

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!  Hope everyone has a great time with family and friends. We just wanted to thank you so much for your support, encouraging words, watching our auctions, etc.  We have made a lot of very nice folks this year, and hope those friendships continue.  It is amazing how the car hobby can bring folks together, it is awesome.  We wish everyone safe travels during this holiday season.  #DE...

November 17, 2018

We are not having our weekend blog post this morning, but expect some special post on Thanksgiving morning!

Have a Great Weekend and check out what we have coming up below!

1965 Ford F-250

 2011 BMW M3

 It's been getting cold here at Denwerks. Our Microwave broke so we can't heat up our coffee... but we did figure out a way to heat up our pizza.    Its is amazing what you can do with an old piece of metal, and a blow torch!!   Later on in the day, a new item was installed a 1978 Ford F150 dog dish hubcap, now we got a pizza oven!!  

Someone needs to start us a Go Fund Me page, so that we can...

 Hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of candy.  Stanley sure did. Now he's starting to prepare for turkey and pie... lots of pie!! 

  If you look close below, looks like you couldn't pry the original owner out of the seat of this beautiful Studebaker Champ!  I think his last words, were "this thing can rot in my back yard before I'd give it away!" : )

What's for sale on Ebay?

NOS 1972 Ford F-100 Pickup...

These two run around like Tom and Jerry everyday here in the shop. Stanley can hardly keep up with Snuggle Buns. Im pretty sure she's dropped an anvil or two on him and he has still yet to learn he can't catch her. I'll let you guess which one is Tom and which one is Jerry. 😂

  If Hazel and Snuggle Buns were to chose Stanley would be a lone wolf. They know he takes all the credit for Denwerks favorite pet. 

 That's mainly...

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