Quick $39 Appraisal

Hey, I get calls from folks all the time, asking me a lot of great questions, but they don't want a full appraisal, just a ball park.


So sometimes you just want to know - What's this worth and what's that worth, how much should I pay for this car I see on an Auction, Is this seller trust worthy, etc.


So, Let's keep this sweet and simple, so you can  get a ball park idea of what your car is worth.  What do you get in return, my advice and them some, there will not be a written appraisal, if you want a full appraisal then go to my Appraisal tab.



1. First choose how you want to submit your Appraisal. The FASTEST is through text or a phone call to Jason at 503-910-2085. The second way is to send us an email at Jason@Denwerks.com

2. In the text or email we need your name, phone number, Make, Model, & year of the vehicle. If you have a link to an auction or a link showing photos of the vehicle that would be helpful too.


3. Send us pictures, text or email.  Pictures are needed to assess the vehicle.

4. Pay HERE. Click the PayPal Button. If you need a different payment method contact Jason at 503-910-2085.




For the BEST Appraisal we need the below pictures.


Front and back of each seat, Dash, Radio, Steering Wheel, Pedals, Odometer, Clock, Shifter, carpet (if you have mats; with and without mats) , console, VIN tag, rear mirror, headliner, Door panels, inner door(s), under door(s). Any flaws inside the interior such as stains, cracks, cuts, rips, tears, etc.


Grill, Hood, Front headlights, tail headlights, marker lights, front and rear bumpers, car emblems, each tire, rims, front, back, left and right side shot of vehicle, any photos underneath are a plus. Any Flaws on the vehicle including chips, scratches, dents, bubbling, rust, wear and tear, paint flaws, etc.

under the hood

Vin number, wide shot of entire engine compartment, battery, radiator, spot welds, any flaws such as rusting or damage.

NOTE: if there is any wreck damage please document this very well with pictures as this could impact the appraisal.

Again, this is a What's it Worth Appraisal, we are shooting from the hip on this one, but I have lots of experience, which you probably already know, because that's why you are calling me!!!!