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Bulldogs, Strawberries and an Old Custom Cab!

I been enjoying these old pickups. Keep an eye out for this one in the next few weeks, just picked this youngster, she is only 51 years old, Seriously Half a Century!!!!

1966 Ford F100 Deluxe Custom Cab, 352, Manual 3spd, 2 tone, Emberglow and Wimbledon White, just a great looking little truck. We got to a little bit of work to do to her, but got to put our own touch on it, then it will be up for sale, on BaT.

Lots of people ask me, why don't you just put your cars up for sale when you buy them, and flip them that way? You sure waste a lot of time fixing this and that, and no one cars, You sure would sell a lot more cars!!

I guess I could, but to me, I just can't do it. I buy and sell it is no surprise, but I want to get it just the way I would like it, if I were going to drive and enjoy it myself. Just like this truck, it is probably one of the nicest driving Ford F100's I have brought in the last 10 years, it just cruises down the road 1 finger steering, but I want to put my own mark on it, and say I made it more enjoyable and useable, I want to improve it.

My Philosophy doesn't match the typical car lot slap some tire shine on the dirty tires, buy some cheap plastic hubcaps from Wallyworld, and slap some engine gloss all over under the hood, and let it roll, its just against my DENWERKS nature, my grandpa would never do that, so neither would I!!!

I just want to have fun, something I am proud of owning, and don't want someone to look at it and say, that's nasty looking, or what the heck did you do that for. Even a rig that is not perfect , and is worn, you can show it some respect.

My plan is to put vintage stock type wheels back on it, get these awful painted modern f150 wheels off it, I can't believe that I am showing you it this way, but I want you to see the transformation of this beauty.

Going to facelift the interior a lot, starting with 2 tone the bench seat to match the outside, to look like new again, it won't be correct, but it will look great and most people will think it is stock. I ordered new door panels for it, but going to keep the armrest, they are a work of art, made of wood, amazing. We will go through it and make all the lights work, service under the hood, etc etc.

Will it be perfect when I am done? No, because I am not restoring it, but it will be Perfectly Preserved to be enjoyed for many years. I like to get in my rigs and drive them, I am not a Car Show nut, I like to drive and use my rigs. So I am excited to unveil this truck in a few weeks.

I can't wait to put my new English Bulldog pup "Stanely"in the passenger seat, and head to Home Depot and haul a few loads, before we put it up for sale, heck maybe we will stop by some local farms, and pick some Strawberry's all day, a guy and his English Bulldog having their fill on natures essentials.

Only Problem is he isn't to motivated, this is why you have not seen to many cars for sale lately because I have been hard at working trying to control this little guy!!!

Have a Great Day!!!! Jason

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