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Stanley Denwerks Biggest Star

You might be wondering; "how much does Stanley gets paid?" He's got the looks, the hair, and the cutest little chubby cheeks! He puts in a long day. So I asked Stanley today what his normal day was like Heres his response:

Stanley wakes up at 6:04AM. Goes outside and takes his morning bathroom break. at 6:30AM He's in on the Floor by the couch watching himself on TV. He loves being the star of all DENWERKS hottest Videos.

Around 7AM he waves bye to the kids as they go off to school for the day. Then he sneaks back in to make one more extra piece of bacon from breakfast for himself. Did I say bacon? Stanley makes "Bacons" if that were a word.

8AM Comes around and Stanley's off to the shop. He gets his paws all greased up and ready to work on today's projects. Around 8:30AM Stanley's got his chart out making sure everyone is clocked in for the day. If your not clocked in by 8:31AM better watch out. You dont wanna know what happened to the last guy that was late.

9AM is Stanley inspection time. He goes around checking to make sure everyone is working and on task. 9:30AM is Stanley's photo time. If we have a car ready to photo Stanley's gotta be the star.

12:30PM It's lunch time. Stanley goes out with the crew to steal their lunch and play. He especially loves when someone drops pickles. He's obsessed with pickles. At 1:00PM he takes a short nap while everyone else goes back to the work. Stanley puts in a long morning so the boss lets him take a little nap.

Around 2PM He helps guide the cars out to go back to the warehouse. He's such a good guide!

The rest of the day varys but he enjoys riding around with Pops looking for new rigs, Chewing on the chairs, and taking more beautiful photos for y'all.

We tried getting Stanley to wear hats, shoes, and all sorts of other clothes, but he didn't like any of em. However, when Stanley saw his sweater vest he had to put it on. He loves his little sweater. It's hard to get him out of it!

So about how much Stanley makes.... Stanley makes about about 10,000 a week. He's the highest paying worker in the shop! Oh you thought I meant $10,000 dollars?? No no he gets paid in dog food, and treats! He's a growing boy he eats a lot! Stanley says hi and wishes you all a great weekend!

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