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Come Hangout with Denwerks at the Portland Swap meet!!

Come Hangout with Denwerks at the Portland Swap meet!! Hey if your going to the Portland Swap meet this weekend, and PIR Swap meet, April 5-8th. I been going to these Swap meet’s since 2003. I have met so many folks at this one from all over the country, and a lot of folks from Europe that have now become my friends.

If need a place to rest your feet or store your stuff you bought instead of lugging it around with you, stop on by and hang out for a bit. We rented a big tent this year to cover our 4 spaces, only payment I want is Rootbeer and Pie, I’ll provide the Bibs and Forks! We are camped out at the Expo Center, Stalls 6331, 6332 6333 6334 outside in front of second big D building.

You can see here how much people love to hang out with me, didn’t mention I was a Hugger did I!

Here we are this morning getting the trailer and trucks ready of some goodies! Check out the Wayne 70, we have the globe as well. We start unloading stuff out of the shop, I get a little crazy and start bringing stuff I still need, but I get in a selling mode!! One of my favorite things to do, is wait for a potential customer, and wait for them to pick up something, and I say “Hey did you just touch that?” And right before they try to punch me in the nose, I say “Now it’s half price” and they just smile and laugh and the best thing is they reach in their pocket and hand me a stack full of cash!!

Usually when I go to swap meets I buy a few rigs, but this swap meet is so huge I average about 4-5 cars that we purchase, so it is a great time!!! Here are a couple I bought a few years ago, talk about different, I am all over the board, I love them all!!

Hey, see you at the swap meet, and bring some Root beer and Pie!!

Here is my number text me or give me call if your up there! Thanks Jason 503-910-2085

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