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Denwerks New Shop Underway with Surprise Guests!

It's been about three weeks since we've made a post and that's because we've been in transit with our big move! The building was already here which was a big bonus. But to call it a shop really isn't the right words. I had a dream, or maybe it was a vision or maybe just a crazy idea, I think it is the later, to find a property with a big old Horse Barn were I could park all our ponies in the stalls.

Well my wife found this place out in the country and it was perfect, so we sold our house and back yard shop, and moved into this place, its like starting over, but it is going to be awesome.

The biggest issue we had to start with was getting flooring into the barn. Most of the area was filled with horse manure and hay. So as your reading this we are putting in the concrete!

We started this week with digging out all of the dirt and manure in the main area of the barn. lots of fun work to be done here! We also removed the walls from the siding to easily put in the concrete.

Lots of Gravel had to come in.

Once all the gravel was in we had to roll it down to create a smooth surface for the concrete!

Finally the rebar was laid down to help hold the concrete in place once it's poured. We even got a nice little spot now for our vehicles to park!

Stanley's enjoying the new shop!

Our old shop was much smaller at about 36x72. Our new shop is 96x72 plus another little shop that's 24 x 48. That's 2592 SQFT (old shop) to 8064 SQFT (new shops). AND in addition Mrs Denwerks has her own three car garage to herself. (at least she will when we move our offices out of the garage)!

Lots of fun things are happening but we are missing our old shop! Were excited to see our new shop grow and continue to help bring you all the best Vintage Classic cars. Stay tuned for new updates on our shop as the work progresses!

Also with the new shop came some new pets; we now have two chickens.

Side note: Stanley loves to chase the chickens.

Have a Great weekend.

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