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Denwerks - Rigs and Root Beer!

They said be a skater boy, they said see you later boy... Stanley is such a nut, he saw the skateboard and hopped right on it. Now he wants me to pave the driveway he looks a my like, "how in the world is he going to Skate and Destroy on gravel", lol.



We picked up a 1964 Chevrolet SS Impala convertible this week and guess whats between the seats? You guessed it 4spd! Check back in October only 3 days away, can't believe September is almost over. You are going to see this puppy on!


Life in the Shop

Well, as some of you know, when we moved in we inherited 2 lovely ladies. Cinnamon and Snuggle Buns on the right. My daughter named them both, well sort of. Snuggle Buns she named Satan, she was not a fan. Well, Cinnamon couldn't handle it anymore, so she decided to move out, not sure where, but we wish her well, she was a cutie pie. After Cinnamon left, I renamed Satan to Snuggle Buns why (thats for me to know, and for you not to find out). Whats she up to now? Snuggle Buns, she is enjoying life living in the shop. She is the most respectful chicken I have ever met honestly. She has never gotten on a car to perch. She stand up on a shelf up high so she can see everything, she keeps an eye out for everyone. She has been a great asset to the Denwerks team!! We will post some new pictures of her soon, I know you guys and gals can't wait to see more of her.



This 2002 Trans Am WS6 is on of the official 22 California Speedway Pace Cars. Were looking at selling it on BaT as well! (this isn't the actual car but will have another picture of it soon). We have the car here now, and going to do our Denwerks Style, photos and video. Not sure if we are going to let Stanley close to this one!!

Another one you will see very soon, is a pretty rare car. You'll see it in the next few weeks. (car on the left). A 1971 Datsun 240Z Scarab, these are pretty interesting cars built out of California. Well tell you more very very very soon.


1967 Idaho Famous Potatoes License Plate Ford Dodge Plymouth Chrysler Chevrolet $25


We usually have about 350 Items for sale on Ebay at any give time, so if you are looking for something for that special somebody, buy them a lic. plate, wolfman pez, or maybe even a axle bearing set for a 1951 Packard!


Whats Live Now

Click the image to see auction


This Weeks VIP

Kegan "The Intern"

Keegan has been following us here at Denwerks for a while. We met up at the Wilsonville Cars and Coffee a few months back. He is a BaT fan as well, so a perfect combination. He asked if we would be interesting in having him come on as an intern. He wants to learn the way we do stuff, gain some experience on how this Denwerks all works. It is great to see a young person want to get into this hobby, so I was like Yeah, lets do it.

So were did he start off, well first I got our supervisor involved, Stanley. First week on the job and he's already working on my personal land rover. That's pretty special because I dont let just anyone work on my personal cars! Kegan came to me and wanted to learn the business and he's doing a great job helping out the team! Stanley's also taken a liking to Kegan or he's just mad that Kegan stole his Stanley Screwdriver!


Silly Laws

By Law in Utah; all birds have the right of way on a highway. You must stop and let the bird pass. That's right; if you dont stop for a bird on the highway in Utah you could be fined.

In Texas It's required to have windshield wipers to register your car; but you can drive without a windshield. No need to worry about something blocking your view! The wipers will clear the way!



We like a little bit of everything here at Denwerks. Which is why this weeks throwback is a pristine condition 1989 Chevrolet Falcon Van we sold in November of 2015. This wasn't a This was pre-Bringatrailer and when we sold most of our vehicles on Ebay. Its funny, this rig I sold to a gentleman in Germany. Believe it or not I get a call about every couple months asking if I still have it. Apparently it is a very popular rig that I sold because internet scammers are trying to make a quick buck. So beware if you see it for sale at some stupid low price. Inside the falcon was a fully functionable living space including a bed, toilet, stove, and fridge. You dont see many like these today, and the living space was a complete 80's dreamland!

The joke about this van was my wife loved this van. She really didn't. Im surprised we actually got a picture of her in it.



You Bet, here is one of the gifts from some new friends we met a few months ago. They bought our Datsun 280Z to take back to Europe. I picked them up at the airport, and what did they have in their hands. Well, 2 suitcases, a small bag of tools, and Yes, Root Beer and Stanley Snacks. I am finding out that lots of my friends over the pond do not know what Root Beer is. So my mission is to expose them to this wonder beverage. I hope to soon create my own, DENWERKS RIGS and ROOT BEER some day.



If your interested in any of these vehicles please contact us through the contact page or call Jason at 503-910-2085. We can help ship anywhere!

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

1955 IH 1ton Flat BED $1800 OBO

If your interested please contact us through the contact page or call Jason at 503-910-2085.


U Snooze U Lose - Just SOLD

1975 Ford F-100 Ranger

Sold on Thursday 9/27!





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