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Denwerks - Steel & Torch Cafe

It's been getting cold here at Denwerks. Our Microwave broke so we can't heat up our coffee... but we did figure out a way to heat up our pizza. Its is amazing what you can do with an old piece of metal, and a blow torch!! Later on in the day, a new item was installed a 1978 Ford F150 dog dish hubcap, now we got a pizza oven!!

Someone needs to start us a Go Fund Me page, so that we can get a new Microwave, pretty please!!!


Strike a Pose

Meet Woody and Chuckles, These cute little guys were on a walk with my neighbor when they stopped by to check it out! I wish Stanley would believe this well. Yeah you see him sitting in front of our cars, but it takes a lot of work. This gentleman said Sit, and they did, and looked right into my camera, they didn't even want a treat.



EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING (not everything) IS 25% OFF on our Ebay Store now! Come get some great deals!


$99 but with the 25% off it's only $74.99!

Check out our other stuff on EBAY!!


Rigs and Rootbeer Staying Frosty

It was a long week seriously, like really long!!! Looked in the fridge this Friday evening, and No Rootbeer!!!

Its just not the same as my trusty friend, called Rootbeer. This did have a great taste though, not sure if you have had Ginger Beer before, but not to bad. But I can tell you this, Root Beer is going to be on Tap next Friday night!!!


The Weirdest Rig I've Seen all Week

I've seen some crazy rigs over my 15 years of selling cars. This is just weird! But I kind of like the white letters!!!!



This is a cream puff, 1965 Ford F250 Custom Cab, Camper special, 352 V8, AT, whats not to like. Whats your vote comment below, do I put the original wheels and hubcaps back on it??

I know what your thinking, you already showed the Camper Special. Well, I added this 2004 John Deere 5105 to the fleet, just had to, I love a good old tractor, especially a diesel, with 50hp. It is funny as I write this, I remember shopping for my Kubota, it is a 33hp, and I was like, a 50hp no way to much horsepower. Then I was thinking 50hp is nothing, compared to a car or truck, lol, I think a bug has like 50. But a diesel is a complete different animal, thats a big machine. Anyways, this will be up for sale very soon.

I also did pick up a Korean War M38 Jeep this week as well, will have pictures of it soon but thought I would show a few being put together on the assembly line. Check out the Willys woody over on the right!


What's coming up pops?

So we been working hard on a lot of Rigs, you are going to see some cool ones come up in the next few weeks, and as always they are going to be very different from each other.

2000 PORSCHE BOXTER S - next week on BaT!

This one is neat, it has has the XAA code under the bonnet, special Porsche build.

1966 Toyota FJ40 - next week on BaT!

Really neat old FJ40, love the early models, its one that you can go take a short cut through the back woods, and feel right at home at Cars and Coffee!

1966 FORD GALAXIE 7 LITRE - Coming to BaT

We have had this one for a bit, but getting read to sell it this coming week on BaT, can you say Big Block 7 litre, yeah this is a factor 428 car, not to many of these around.


Silly Car Laws

In San Francisco it's illegal to Polish your car with USED underwear. Please dont.😂



Hey look at this killer machine!!. Yep this passed through our doors around 2007-2008, hard to believe that was 10 years ago. This is one of the original Hemi Darts from 1968. I believe they built 80 Race only Hemi Darts, these were not street legal, there was a sticker on the door that listed not for street use. Honestly, I don't even believe they sold these with a title, I might be wrong.

This car was bought new buy a Dodge salesman in Canada, his name was Cam Noseworthy. Believe it or not he still worked at that dealership in 2008. These cars came with grey primer, and the nose was black, hood and fenders. They ran A100 van seats, no seam sealer, thinner glass etc, these were awesome machines. His first paint scheme on the car was Purlpe with gold taillight panel, that read on the 8th day God created the Hemi. Around 1970 he let his friend Dick Panter race it, with another paint scheme, totally documented car. It has always been a race car all of its life, and that is awesome not a trailer queen. It was my pleasure to sell it and yes I got to drive it, WOW is all I can say. I sold it for $257,000 on Ebay.


Funniest Parking Signs

If you've never been to Chili's then you probably wont recognize this sign. I'm really curious how quick they come out after the 10 minute limit to crush and melt my car though.

I highly recommend not parking here.

Email us in some of your favorite traffic signs over to us at and your Traffic sign might be featured next week!!!


Check out one of our Videos

Check out the Pickup Truck Driving around. All of our Ford F-100s and F-250s driving around having a great time. 😎



Last week we added a new Comment section all the way at the bottom. Something goofy happen, if you went to the blog from the email feed, it didn't show up from using your phone, but if you used a computer it did, something to do with mobile device. Let me know if it works this week.

Free Denwerks Decal to anyone who makes a comment, thanks for the help. Email us afterwards, and give us your address.



We have more Rigs, but are are a few to look at, you can see more on our Cars for Sale page.

1968 Camaro Track car - Coming to Ebay Soon.

1975 Chevrolet C65: This truck is in amazing condition, cant wait to polish it up. The interior, paint, and engine compartment are amazing. Price not sure yet, but its cool!

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR TWIN TURBO - LOW MILES $38,900 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Nissan is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Collectors Edition Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

Click Picture to watch Video

The Pontiac is up for Purchase on Ebay! Read up on it here!

1923 Model T Touring $15,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO



Leave a comment below!

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