Hey!!! Denwerks the 90's are Calling!!!!

WELL, each week is different for us, we went crazy and bought a bunch of 90's rigs!!!! Like this 1993 Chevrolet CK2500 above. While I am standing there looking at it, yeah drooling over it, and I start to think to myself, how old it is, 25 years old, that is crazy. I remember back around 1986 when I started to get into cars, I was like, wow, I want one of those old 1965 Mustangs, what a classic, lol jokes on me, it was only 21 years old at that time. Boy how time flies, in a few years we will be talking about classic cars from the 2010's.

By the way, do you know how to tell if a Chevolet pickup from this vintage has a Diesel in it?? Take a look at the front bumper, see those 2 huge air intakes, you guessed it, 6.5 Turbo Diesel Baby (can't believe I said Baby, but I did so deal with it, lol), its rare to find a truck like this, low miles, 1 owner, amazing. I am always on the look out for these. I used to drive a Diesel Suburban for many years, it was a pulling machine. That Burb had 265K on it, and was still running like a champ, its in Idaho now!

1995 Ford F-250 4x4 - 7.3 POWER STROKE

So then I am driving this last Monday to pick up a 1983 Jeep CJ5, and 1975 IH 200 4x4 pickup I had bought, and I see down the road from our place, this awesome truck sitting by the road with a For Sale sign on it. As I approached closer, I am so hoping it is a Power Stroke!! I slowly drive by, and I am like Bingo, I feel like a I just won the lottery, but had no clue how much it was or its story yet, just seeing the Emblem, I got my blood flowing!! I had no plans to buy another 90's rig, but, I have to stop. They just parked it down at the end of the driveway, 5 minutes before, I am looking at it, and a guy comes walking down the driveway. He said he just parked it down here and walked up to the house turn around and saw you looking at it. It was his fathers truck, 91 years old, he had passed away over the summer, so they finally decided to sell the truck. This is a 1 owner, 1996 Ford F250 4x4, Yep you guessed it 7.3 Power Stroke!!!! What a great find. I was like sign me up, gave him a $200 deposit and picked it up later that day! Funny thing is, his Son told him, he had to put it on the net, no one is going to just drive by and buy it. He called his son, and told him he sold it in 5 minutes, his son couldn't believe it, lol.

1993 GMC Yukon K1500 2dr

So here I am again, stuck in the 90's, picked this sweet heart up, always wanted one of these. I was very tempted to park my 1960 Saab 900 Turbo for the rest of the winter and drive this Rig. You do not see these that often, especially in a GMC Version. Clean 2dr's are very hard to find. This was a wild story how I got this one, if you come in person, we will sit down and drink some root beer, its a good one!!! Lets just say the Gentleman's Mama, didn't want to get out of the Passenger seat!!


Okay enough about cars for a minute, can't believe I am saying that, lol. Check out my desktop background, can you name the cars? You know this has been a very long week. I had to break out a 2 litre of Rootbeer tonight, the Cheap Stuff, Big K Rootbeer. Actually not to bad, I was pretty impressed.

We are seriously considering making our own Denwerks Rootbeer. Do you think that is a good idea? I always want to do stuff myself, and these seems to be a great idea to me!!!


I mentioned earlier that we bought a couple rigs, at the same time. Well here they are. 1983 Jeep CJ5, original paint on this bad boy.

Well, we started the journey of lets look at everything, and if it needs it, lets do it, we want this to be a dependable driver for that certain someone!!!

Cool old ad, I know what happen next! He got Ran Over by a JEEP!!!!

1975 IH 200 4x4, hard truck to find in this condition. 345 V8, AT, Power Brakes whats not to like! This is such a cool truck. We been tearing into this bad boy, here it is when we got it, looks good, but we have done a full brake job on it now, with new tires. Raised the rear bumper it was way to low, and now detailing under the hood. No glamour shots here, just rebuilding the brakes!!

Like the pretty colors, some new springs, hardware kit, shoes and brake cylinder, wish we didn't have to cover it all up with the freshly turned drums, what a pretty site!






1994 Chevrolet Pickup CK2500 - CLICK PHOTO FOR AUCTION