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1937 Ford Club Cabriolet

1937 Ford Cabriolet

1937 Ford Built by GENE WINFIELD

Amazing 1937 Ford Club Cabriolet built for Bill Victor, of Victor Gaskets.  He had Gene Winfield, Winfield Special Projects out of Canoga Park, CA.  This car was purchased by Bill in the early 1980.s.  He was an avid collector, and this was a very special car to him, and that is why he brought it to his good friend Gene.   By the way if you are unfimilar with Mr. Winfield just google him, then you will understand the importance of this build.   This was a car that Bill never wanted to sell.  It was the last car he owned, after his death, it was then sold around 2011 to friend of ours, and he has had it for the last 8 years.   Amazing car, study the pictures, and you will notice some differences in it that have been customized.  The windshield and post have been laid back about an 1 1/2", and lowered a little bit, the top bows also have been altered and top is a little bit lower.  Take a look at the top of the doors, they have been modified, the tops are not straight across, they have been pulled down about an 1" all the way across, take a look at running boards, they sit in about 3"'s and see how the bottoms of the fenders have been modified.   Was was completed around 1986, and still wears the paint that Winfield laid on it.   Pretty cool car honestly, once in a life time to own a heavily documented Gene Winfield car. 




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