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 We (BaT) contacted Jason about dropping by DENWERKS for a visit. His response:

 “I am kind of boring around here... I’ll put on a Pot Roast... we’ll drink some

Root Beers and Cream Sodas.... " Is that Oregon humor? Seriously, who says that?


 - Bring a Trailer Viewers

"Thanks again DENWERKS for bringing us a delightful taste of automotive history"


"Coffee and a new DENWERKS listing; ... Now I'm ready to start the day off."

"Hard to beat a car auction that includes a chainsaw..."

Upcoming Events

Cars & Coffee Society

3rd Sunday May-Sept 2018

NEXT ONE - May 2018


3170 Commercial St SE

Salem, OR 97302


A little Slice of DENWERKS


Weekly Updates

Thank you for checking us out, we don't take it lightly that you have taken your time to check us out. We appreciate it very much, and thank you for visiting.  

At DENWERKS we are passionate about the classic car hobby. The Pacific Northwest has great people, and yes, some of the best cars on the planet.


Blue Oval Ranch Inc. was founded in 2003, but are now known as DENWERKS. It's a word created on the ethics of our Grandpa. Our family immigrated from Denmark in 1909. He was the hardest working guy we ever knew; so we named the business after the legacy that he left for our family and friends. We are so excited that we can honor him in this way.

Please enjoy our site and heck, even stop by if you are in the Salem, OR. area. We'll put on a pot roast just for you. We have some great events in Oregon, with lots to see and plenty to do. We'll see you soon!

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