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Facelift from the UK

Today was a pretty exciting day, especially for my little Black 1986 Saab 900 Turbo (flatnose) Coupe. I've put about 1500 miles on the little guy since I have had him, but something was missing, well in my opinion. I love the look of vintage Euro Lights aka E-Code Euro H4 Headlights, much different then the 1987 and up slope nose cars. I been wanting to get my hands on some of these since I got the car. Problem is, I am in the US, and Euro Headlights, well are in Europe, lol, and forget about Ebay, you might find a lens here and there, but not the who set up. Anyways, a gentleman named Phil, who runs the Saab Nuts, facebook page, and Instagram, we been talking back and forth and he is in the UK. So one day I ask him you got any Euro lights for a Flatnose (pre 1986 Saab)? He said hard to come by even in Europe, but I got an extra set. He said, why don't we do a trade, you give me your US spec headlights, and I'll give you Euro Spec lights. So a deal was made, and I got them in the mail today!!! Here is a sneak peak, we'll get them installed in the next few days and show you the finish product!!!

Here I am taking out the original lights (yep me, believe it, I work sometimes lol), thank goodness for the hood, as you know they roll forward first, which made the perfect sunshade for working conditions, almost had a take a lemonade break after I took out a few bolts.

Here is the Internet guy, Nolan, he has fallen in the love the the Saab, and he decided to have his way with a couple 10mm bolts in tight places, this side also has the Turbo Intercooler, right behind the light, so makes a tight fit.


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