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Leslie Has Caught the Car Bug - Her First Bring a Trailer Auction Is Coming Soon

1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Leslie Anderson Salem Oregon

Hi, Leslie here! I have been on the Denwerks scene as long as it's existed, since June 2003. My role has really been more behind the scenes since the beginning, I've done the bookkeeping, Human Resources, and office management in different capacities over the years and I've been a part of us working and pouring our lives into building this business. It's our lifeblood for sure.

I've believed in Jason and supported him through the years, and he has done the same. It's not always easy, we are not perfect or graceful, but we are here and having more fun than ever these days.

In 2020, I decided that I finally wanted to step away from those office functions and have a little fun. I didn't anticipate buying any vehicles of my own to sell, I just wanted to get out from behind the desk and retire from the office jobs. I'm so glad I did that, there have been some really good (surprising) outcomes, like this Mark IV!!

I have my own career in HR and business consulting and it's my daily work. I enjoy it and my life revolves around my own hobbies and interests, and Denwerks has always been the backbone of our family, but not part of my daily existence.

I like to drive fast and cool cars, but it's been more of a personal venture than anything related to the work Jason does.

What I didn't realize is that making this change would renew the passion that I've always known for Denwerks, but I never really took the time to enjoy it. I missed some of that in the business ownership aspects and I'm glad I figured this out.

It's an amazing business that Jason and I have built over the years. He's inspired me in many ways with his work ethic and this enterprise that we are lucky to run.

So what happened?

How did we get to this point in which I purchased a 1972 Lincoln Mark IV to sell on Bring a Trailer? Well, let me tell you!

Our son Mason is 16, and he is learning to drive. We needed to find him a car to learn in, Jason and I have daily drivers that are not appropriate for a 16-year-old after all, and of course, we want him to be safe.

I found a 2006 Buick Lucerne that was a pretty good deal, so I bought it, but I want to re-sell it. So that meant I was back on the hunt for another car.

The Mark IV Find & Story

1972 Lincoln Mark IV
1972 Lincoln Mark IV

As I was looking, I saw this nice specimen, 1972 Lincoln Mark IV. I ran it by Jason, and he thought it looked pretty good too. It wasn't at all what I was looking for in terms of a car for Mason, but it seemed like a car that I could potentially sell on BaT.

As it turned out, our schedule meant that I needed to go look at the car by myself and make the purchase decision on my own.

Jason has always done this stuff for us, and while I've observed, I don't have direct experience in making car deals. I went and looked, and it was so nice! It is very original and ran like a top. The owners have had it since 1972 and it has 91,000 miles shown on it.

They told me that they bought it for their trucking company back then, and it was meant to be the salesman's rig to drive. But when they gave it to him, HE DIDN'T LIKE IT!! I can't imagine that, in 1972, this was such a luxury car to own, and it would have been a very nice gesture. But the salesman wanted to drive his truck instead. So, the wife of the trucking company owner drove this car from 1972 on.

The Details on the Mark IV!!!

It's been garaged for most of its life and it definitely shows. This is a car that you can definitely take out at any time and enjoy, there is very little hassle or headache. It is a great example of a date night car, it's so comfortable and road-ready.

It's got the original window sticker, it's a 460 beast of an engine, and yes, in case you were wondering, the hood is almost 7 feet long. 7 feet of luxury driving. It drives like a dream on the city streets, country roads, and the freeways too.

Did Jason Approve?!

Once I saw it, I called Jason and then made a deal with the sellers. I had to leave it there and arranged to pick it up the next day. I was so scared for him to see it because he knows all things about cars. I thought it was amazing, but I wanted him to sign off, I mean, he's DENWERKS after all, in addition to being my partner.

The following day, we went up to pick it up, and as soon as he saw it, I knew I had done well. He was impressed with the find, and he likes it just as much as I do. It was a really fun day, we made the trip and it was fun to see his excitement for my find and join in the fun in a different and supportive way.

We make a good team.


We brought it home and then we are putting it on BaT in the next couple of weeks, don't miss it! It'll be my first NO RESERVE auction. It'll be listed under my own user name mrsdenwerks.

We've done No Reserve auctions for about 12 years now, but I've never been the responsible party in the whole deal, so you won't want to miss how it all turns out for me.

I'm so excited, I can't wait to get this car ready and pass it on to the lucky owner to enjoy for the spring and summer. Adventure is waiting!

Take a Listen to our Podcast for More!

We have a new podcast, called No Reserve that we are so excited about too. We are 20 episodes in so far and we talk about marriage, cars, our life, Denwerks, and owning small businesses. Ok, admittedly there is a little bit about human resources, cats, dogs, and life on our 10 acres too.

We are also prepping a car for the Gambler 500 this summer and you can follow along with our journey as we get our 1989 Ford Country Squire ready for adventure. Stanley loves it as you can see!!

1989 Ford Country Squire

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and encouragement over the years. We have been fortunate to have a great network of customers and friends that we have developed over the years.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I ended up finding one more rig that I'll be selling on BaT, more on that later, and I still haven't found a car for Mason to drive. This could be dangerous, I don't know when the madness will end, but I'm rolling with it.


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