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Denwerks Q&A: Do you have any experience with boiled linseed oil or sweet patina 'patina sauce'?

Chevy truck patina

1940 Farm Truck Patina Rat Rod Chevy Truck

Hi Jay,

Here are some ideas for you. Usually, I just clean the paint and polish it, and it kinda takes the rust off. It depends on what kind of look you're going for. The pictures above show the 'before' and 'after'. It turned out amazing and it was a fun project.

This blog post I wrote will show you what happened when I used this method:

I buffed the truck in the blog post with heavy compound, there was no repainting. I don't like to clear coat either, I agree with you on that, because eventually the clear coat is going to fail and destroy the patina and it doesn't look natural.

We also asked some of our friends and here are two additional suggestions, one suggested looking into FLOOD penetrol. I haven't had experience with that, but it's an interesting idea.

Another person commented that raw linseed oil won't harden like boiled does. He was commenting because he used to own a hardware and power equipment business and they would use raw linseed oil on wood window sash as a primer before adding new glaze (putty). He said it soaks into the wood and allows the putty to set without drying out.

The problem with putting any other kind of oil on paint is that if you ever plan to paint later on down the road, the oil soaks into the pores of the metal and it's going to be almost impossible to paint it.

I personally just want to keep it as clean as possible and protect it. If it lasted this long, as long as you keep the vehicle inside and keeping it clean, it'll probably last another 50 years and have a very natural look. I hope that helps. Send us pics when you get it done, would love to see it and your process.

As a side note, my wife and I just started a podcast called No Reserve. Your question gave me a good idea to do an episode on how to preserve survivor-type cars and our philosophy behind why we do what we do. Here's a link to it if you want to give it a listen.

In our 14th episode, we talked about our journey with BaT. We are at 250+ cars sold on BaT now, but after we sold our 100th vehicle, we went to visit the BaT headquarters. Jason almost died during that trip too, so it was an eventful time and a great story!

Here's a link to the auction:

Grumman Van




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