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Denwerks Q&A - Looking for an F100 or F250

F100 Denwerks

Question: Hello Jason, I'm looking to purchase a Ford F100 or F-250 (1971-1979) with an automatic. Will you be getting any in soon? I found you on YouTube and I think you do an amazing job at explaining the detail of the trucks! Thank you so much!

Answer: Thanks for reaching out. I just sent off a 1968 to Cali today. I have possibly a 1977 Ford F150 short box, it is white, runs and drives needs some stuff not perfect, but a great truck, all one color, White, inline 6 with Manual Trans. so it's not the automatic you're looking for. Let me know if interested and could get a few pics for you to start off.

Thanks for checking us out on Youtube. By the way, my wife and I started a podcast today called NO RESERVE, it will be fun, at least we think so!, You can find it on our site, on the little blue spinny things, or Instagram under our profile, and What's It Worth, appraisal, or just a second set of eyes.

Thanks, Jason NO RESERVE! Podcast check it out

Note for our followers: Does anyone have a lead on our customer's dream rig? Get in touch with me and let me know so we could hook her up.


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