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Old Fashion Cars & Rootbeer!

Here's a little Inception. Stanley and Nolan are helping write the blog and I show up and am like where is my chair!!! You can seriously tell Stanley is interested, he didn't event look at me until I asked him if he wanted some treats. He is like you better be telling some great stories about him, and breaking out some Rootbeer really soon!!!

Lol, I am surprised he didn't flip himself out of the seat, this little guy is top heavy, like 65lbs top heavy, only stands 14" high!!


Picked up this little Hot Rod, last week, not sure what it is about these, but i have always wanted one, so here it is!!!! I can't wait to pull up to some stop lights with this thing and ask a few folks to race!!! 1972 Honda Z600 - ZOOM ZOOM



Gotta pack the new owner of the 1994 Chevy pickup a few drinks before heading out! He's Driving all the way from Oregon to Ohio in his new rig! The Brownies are the best. It's like drinking Liquidized Carmel Rootbeer.



The Little red 1983 Jeep we mentioned last week is up for Auction now! All original paint and some nice patina on the hood. Check it out - CLICK HERE!!

Clean on the inside, just like the outside. Just the way I like them! 😍😍





NEW to ME 1971 Ford F100 Pickup

I love these trucks as you probably already know. But I grew up around these, my grandpa, if you remember from previous post our story about how we got the Denwerks name. He had one of these trucks, and used to take me to school in it when I was in the 1st grade.

NEW to ME 1965 Ford Falcon Econoline

Check this thing out total survivor, Shorty Falcon van, all the cool windows, just a time capsule. If you look close at the front bumper, it says Wallowa Fire Dept. I used to go there as a kid, tons of fun, freezing cold Glacier Lake, Tramway Ride up the Wallowa Mountains, Go Carts, and even got kicked by a Deer, who knew they would kick with their front legs, the key is never try to grab one by the horns, then you one get kicked, lucky I didn't turn into a 8 year old Shish Kabob!!

NEW to ME - 1966 Mustang Coupe

Nice little honest car, hard to find a good one, can't wait to drive this little guy around. This one also had a Bench seat that you do not see very often.

NEW to ME - 1961 Taylor Dunn Trident Electric Car

Not sure what I bought here, but this is a cool little thing, and I just had to have it. Everything is there, so we will see what we can do with it. Next picture is of a finished one. If you guys have some information that would be great. Mine is pretty rare, it actually has a steering wheel, horn and foot pedals, yeah that was an option these, most come with a Joy Stick and throttle like a boat.



CLICK "BMW M Coupe Z3 M Revell Advantage Model Build 1:24 07369 Toy Replica "


Craziest Car Stories on Craigslist

This one will give you a good chuckle....


Little Guzzi is headed off to Pontiac, Michigan today. It wasn't my transport company, but they were also delivering a bunch of Sealy beds. I thought it was strange but heck, if the Guzzi gets tired down the road, it can take a nap, but it better be a super plush pillow top!!


Silly Traffic Laws

In Rhode Island It's required by law to make a loud Audible sound when passing another vehicle. Blair those horns!


Check out one of our Videos

Check out the walk around for our Jeep which is up for auction now and ends on Monday!



Last week we added a new Comment section all the way at the bottom. Something goofy happen, if you went to the blog from the email feed, it didn't show up from using your phone, but if you used a computer it did, something to do with mobile device. Let me know if it works this week.

Free Denwerks Decal to anyone who makes a comment, thanks for the help. Email us afterwards, and give us your address.



We have more Rigs, but are are a few to look at, you can see more on our Cars for Sale page.


1975 Chevrolet C65 - $7500

2002 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Convertible - LOW MILES $29,000 OBO

Click on Picture to see on Ebay - 1 of 22

1923 Model T Touring $12,900 or Best Offer

1961 Norton Jubilee Project $2500 OBO




1975 International 200 4x4 - SOLD!

you dont get to see many Internationals out there anymore! Super clean and original.

Like I mentioned last week we added some new springs, hardware kit, shoes and brake cylinder!

1993 GMC Yukon K1500 - SOLD

1994 Chevrolet Pickup CK2500 - SOLD

You wont get a truck like this again for so cheap! A lot of the newer trucks go for $60,000 - $75,000 but this one is just as comparable. Congrats to the buyer!

1952 Willys M38 - SOLD

Excited to see were this one goes and what the new owner does with it. I love military jeeps wish I could have kept this one!

1990 Nissan Skyline - SOLD

We now have a new owner for the Skyline. Super happy that this car got a great home Stanley's going to miss this one!

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