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1985 K5 Blazer - 96K Orignal Miles - NO RESERVE Auction is LIVE on Bring a Trailer

The auction closes on Thursday, May 6th!!

Leslie Anderson Salem OR
1985 K5 Blazer

Friday Night Date - The Denwerks Way

A couple of weeks ago, Leslie and I went on a Friday night adventure. We live one hour from the mountains, one hour from the beach, and one hour from Portland, depending on which direction you take. This time...we headed for the mountains to see this K5. We stopped on the way to see a 1979 Jeep Cherokee 4 speed automatic that Leslie wanted to buy, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a bust, so she was heartbroken.

Our next stop was the K5, and the instant we pulled up, I knew I wanted it. This is such a super cool rig. It took me right back to my high school days in the 80s, and this thing looks like it was pulled straight from 1985.

It is a loaded Silverado model, and it was bought new at C. Speck Motor Cars, in Sunnyside, Washington. The original owners bought it in October of 1985 and owned it up until 2014, and sold it with 93K original miles.

Today it has 96K and still running strong.

It has always garaged and cared for, you can't go wrong with a Black & Silver Silverado. It's heading to Bring a Trailer Auctions, NO RESERVE!! The pictures turned out amazing, that color combo is truly striking and the new owner will have a blast in this thing, there's no doubt.

The auction is live, and as always, it's NO RESERVE! Here's a link so you can get in on the action.

1985 K5 Blazer
Original Window Sticker for the 1985 K5 Blazer - MSRP $17,258.00

Leslie Has a Rig Coming Up Soon on BaT - No Reserve Auction

1972 Lincoln Mark IV 1985 K5 Blazer

Also, as Leslie blogged about a few days ago, she's been on the hunt for some cars, and I'm so proud to see her finding some rigs, making deals, and prepping them for sale. It's been fun to share the passion for our business in some different ways, and her first BaT rig is going to be a fun auction to watch.

Leslie found a Killer Mark IV, you're going to love the story about this one, bought. It has an original window sticker as well, 1 owner, 460. I just measured the hood and from the back of the hood to the front bumper is almost 7' long!!!! It is a cruiser. I was so proud of her finding this car, putting the whole deal together, she knew exactly what to look for, it was so awesome, not many people car do that, believe me I have been around a lot of "car buyers", and either you have it or you don't, and MrsDenwerks has it for sure, I can't wait til she shows you her stuff on BaT, So excited!!!!

I'm going to make her take me out to our favorite taco place in it before it goes up for sale.


Thank you for following along, and take a listen to our podcast, No Reserve. It's available on all the podcast networks. Here's a link to it. If you listen, leave us a review and let us know how you like it. We are having a blast talking about cars, business ownership, marriage, our life, Stanley the Bulldog, our cats, and our family. We really don't know how to do things any other way, and we are loving sharing the passion for what we do with you.


We've also sold some other rigs lately, and we've got more coming up for sale....more on those updates soon!!


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