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Denwerks Q&A - 318is

Question: Hi Jason - I saw your video on IG last night with the 318is in it. I was wondering if you knew when the car was going live on BaT? Also - does it have a black or tan interior? Mileage and condition - in general? I’ve had 3 of them and I’m thinking of getting another and yours looks pretty nice. Thanks!

Answer: Yeah this car is amazing, 2 owners, lots of documentation. It has original paint, the interior is fabulous, it's a 5spd with tan interior. It has been well cared for.

It came out of Idaho, then Washington state. The car is amazing, with no smoke and mirrors, no paintwork, it's super super clean, probably one of the cleanest I have seen, especially with all the documentation. It has 93K original miles on it, I was surprised by its condition. Let me know If I can answer any more questions, I can send you over a few snapshots of the interior, engine, etc.

BMW 318is Denwerks


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