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We're on the Move Here at Denwerks - Catch Up On the Latest Happenings with Us

Jason and Leslie Anderson

We have been hopping here at Denwerks lately. In a recent turn of events while looking for a car for our youngest son, Leslie has happened onto buying some classic cars of her own to sell.

She did eventually buy a car for Mason (an 88k mile 1998 Ford Taurus in case you were wondering!) but in the meantime, the vision grew into her taking some of her own finds from purchase to auction on Bring a Trailer.

So that's just what she did. It's been fun for us to work together in a different way than we ever have in the past. Both of us have always been invested heart and soul into Denwerks, but Leslie had more office roles and behind the scenes. Who knew it would expand to both of us buying and selling. She's found some great rigs so far, and definitely has an eye for detail. She's done everything from the finds, negotiation, purchase, ready for auction, video, pictures, and managing the detail work.

Our future vision includes both of us working together, traveling more, and continuing to enjoy the world of vintage rigs, together.

Mrs. Denwerks on Bring a Trailer

Here are two of her finds, both on No Reserve auction, and both close on BaT on Wednesday, June 16th.

Follow along the fun to see how she does!

1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV
Leslie picturing the 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV - (she calls it the Linky)

And here's the link for the 1968 F-250 Bumpside auction.

1968 F250 Bumpside
1968 Ford F-250

Denwerks on Bring a Trailer

Denwerks hasn't gone anywhere either, and I've been busy getting some rigs ready. Live as we speak is this amazing 44k mile 1993 Chevrolet K2500 4x4 truck. It closes on Friday, June 18th.

It's in beautiful condition inside and out. Here's a link to the auction.

Chevrolet K2500 4x4
1993 Chevrolet K2500 4x4

We are prepping our Gambler 500 car too - weekend of June 25-27th

If you haven't heard of the Gambler 500, you should check it out! Basically the premise is, that you purchase a $500 car, make it off-road ready, and then travel to Central Oregon via waypoints or established routes and pick up litter on public lands.

We've been working on this 1989 Ford Country Squire for a few months, and we decided to do a Porsche tribute. Leslie's daily driver is a 2020 Porsche Macan S and so we have dubbed our Gambler car the 'Forsche.' It's complete with off road wheels and special touches, like red brakes to match the Porsche feel.

Follow us on social media for the prep and for the weekend of fun. June 25th happens to be our 27th wedding anniversary, so we'll be spending it on an adventure, our favorite thing to do.

1989 Ford Country Squire
Gambler 500 2021 - The Forsche

Thanks as always for following us on our crazy adventures. We have a really cool lineup of cars and trucks coming your way, so make sure to subscribe to our listing alerts on BaT and follow us on Instagram @denwerks_vintage_cars - we have a full summer of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and specialty vehicles coming your way!


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