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Mustangs on the Brain!!!!

I am about the strangest duck that ever lived, I know, I know, your shaking your head, saying to yourself, yep your correct!! It is funny how I go through spurts, and start buying the same vehicles back to back, call it lack of imagination, or just get excited and start buying everything in site. So my last 3 car buys, right in a row from different owner, 1968 Mustang, 1966 Mustang Convertible and 1966 Mustang GT, when will the madness stop!!! Well I broke the chain yesterday thank goodness, I bought a 1964 Nova Chevy II, Station Wagon, I am glad the good Lord is looking out for me!!

1966 Ford Mustang GT, yep this is a factory GT not a clone, in pretty nice condition actually, I had it for a day, and a friend called up and said do you have something cool for a Wedding, so it went out for a wedding last Saturday.


Here is a picture of the 1966 Mustang Convertible, nice little drop top Pony!!

You may have already seen this one, but it is already Sold, headed on down to San Jose, actually were it was built new by Ford, how fitting. Also the new owner, is a Design Engineer for TESLA Motors, those are some beautiful cars, never thought I would love an Electric Car, what a lucky gentleman!!!!

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