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Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse Cruiser!

Hey I am looking for some cool old stuff, what do you have. I like them odd, the orphans, the survivor cars that we can put back on the road again. We don't restore we love to preserve them to their former glory.

This 1951 Chrysler Town and Country, was actually a factory Ambulance #4, that was stationed with the Army Corp of Engineers in Handford, Washington plant, at the Nuclear Plants in that area, lets say she was RadioActive, who cares about the lead paint!!!!

I love the original wood inside, in general it looked like a regular production Town and Country Wagon, but this one had flip down center seats the and the gurney would go down the chrome metal tails.

It was such a beautiful ol gal, we got here running, after a major tune up and engien detail she looked good as new, that little inline 6 just purred like a kitten!!!!

Looking for consignments as well!!!! Thanks Jason 503-910-2085

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