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Throwback 1940 Chevrolet Thursday, Preserved to Prefection!!!

Wow is it Thursday already how the week as flown by. Figure I would right a little post of one of my favorite Preservation Projects!!!

This little 1940 Chevrolet Pickup, totally took a transformation. Check out the next photo's, all I can say is WOW, but then again we are the ones that did it, what do you think!!!!

The biggest improvement was the wheels and tires, it has reversed rusty chrome wheels on it with old Grand Am tires on it, we brought it back to more original, we polished out the old paint and it just looked awesome, no paint work on the outside except for a few touch ups on the the fenders. But check out the Preservation below!!!

Before, lets say it was a little to far gone!!!

After, we cut up all this Oak, not a kit, looked nice, love the color.

This was a huge transformation under the hood, factory inline 216, doesn't look like it but it just purrs like a kitten!!

I am still totally amazed when I see this comparison, WOW, our mechanic Diana, did an awesome job!!!!

Interior we kept it simple and original, major cleaning, seat redone, and floor mat, new gauges, glass etc. We also put new window welting around the doors later.

I believe we did a great job on this old truck, whats your opinion??


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