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Employee Training - She's Doing Well

Hazel the New Shop Kitty is fitting right in. Don't tell my wife, she is kind of her cat, shhhh. Anyways, she is having a great time learning the ropes at DENWERKS VINTAGE CARS. Yesterday, she checked in some Boxes from ACC Carpet for a 1964 Chevrolet Nova (Chevy II) Wagon. She is hoping she can help install it them us to, she was very happy to see it was Loop carpet because it is best to sharpen her claws.

A few weeks ago, she was helping me on the Land Rover Defender, put new upper door window sliders in. She said I was doing a great job. Honestly she is pretty good with the drill.

We went on a drive the other day, she had to make sure the Gas Attendant was doing his job, she remembers the 70's and the fuel shortage, and made sure he lifted that hose to get every last drop in the tank!!


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