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Been Caught Streaking Again!

Oh, the wonderful life of Trailer Life, call me the trailer park kid. A couple years ago, I got involved with some cool trailers, lets just say a little over 40 vintage trailers, from Winged Shasta's, Aloha's, and yes even a Spartan Royal Mansion. I went into full crazy mode buying everyone I saw, that's just the way I am, lol. I guess for about a year and a half. They were a lot fun, and super fun to look at for sure. When you drove by our place it was a site, we have a big loop driveway and I would always have 3-4 pulled out there all decked out, it would look like a Cowboy Wagon circled up for the night!

This is a 18' Silver Streak Sabre, really cool trailer. If you look at it, it looks kind of like an Airstream. There are many connections between the 2 in the early years. In 1949, the company was founded. The design of the first Silver Streaks, came from Wally Byam design, who is the father of the Airstream. He had designed the early trailers like the Clipper, while working with Curtis Wright 1937-47, and Curtis Wright sold the rights to 3 partners who formed Silver Streak in 1949. Wally Byam, who actually began in 1931, then to reform Airstream around 1948 believe. Anyways that is a brief history in a nutshell.

In my opinion this next generation of Silver Streak which you see here, is far superior in build to the Airstream after working with both, and the head room is much better since the sides are not as round. They are beautiful trailers, but in the later 60's they started using anodized aluminum and gold accents, so no more mirrored aluminum like you see below the process we will take to make it look like a mirror.

This was an awesome trailer, we did a lot of work to it. It had a decent shine to it when we got it, but we took it to another level. Below is a picture of 2 of or kids, and FRANKIE, our Denwerks mascot. Frankie by the way, has been missing for about a month, sad, very sad, he was the most awesome cat, hope he comes back, he was 9 years old. Anyways, here is the trailer when I picked her up.

You,ll notice things we changed to the exterior in the next photos, be we gave it a High Polish, it is a lot of work believe me. We use 3M heavy cut buffing compound in the beginning, which will leave it with swirls, but you have to, because you got to cut it down quickly to get the finish you want. We then use a fine 3M polish, with an orbital polisher, and it just comes out beautiful . You an see Dewayne one of our guys just starting out the fine polish. This isn't a day job, were are talking about 40 hours from start to finish, and you will get mega dirty.

We also as you can see in this picture, we had already put on the new wheels and tires, and wide whites. I went with a Calypso Coral, color off a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. You can see in the back ground, I used that some color on an Ideal Trailer.

This thing just turned out awesome. Had a new awning made by Marti's Awnings down in California, she does a great job, all custom made.

Notice the front tanks and battery box, are all painted like the wheels. The battery box, take a look what is it? Yep a Military Army Box, perfect.

Had new Decals made for it as well, by my friends at Super Vinyl here in Salem, Oregon.

The interior turned out awesome. The wood was real nice, just had to oil it. The seats we recovered, new curtains got to lvoe the dingle balls on the bottoms of them.

Also took the appliances, and even the AC cover and we refinished them in one of our favorite 50's colors.

Still love the way this turned out the color was perfect!!

We even added an additional table outside. You can see that refelection of the awning, it matched the wheels as well.

Thanks for checking out this little trailer and my journey of restoring this vintage Silver Streak!!!

Another thing I loved about these trailers are the Jealously Windows, the horizontal slats, very popular in vintage trailers.


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