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AAR Cuda, GT40, Shelby Cobra, Ferrari, Whats up with the Honda??

This is pretty cool, we should have this piece of racing history up for sale very soon. When I first stumbled upon this bike about 6 months ago, the guy said it was a Dan Gurney Special Honda XL175. I was like Honda made a Dan Gurney Tribute Bike??? I know that Mercury got involved with a Dan Gurney Cougar, and Dan Gurney Cyclone Spoiler II, but a Honda?

I first don't think much about it, but I kept coming back to the ad, wonder what the story is, I have got to find out. Well turns out, I call the guy and ask him whats this all about. He says, this was Dan's Personal Bike, that he bouht back in 1978, to use as a little get around bike at different race events, his ranch etc etc. Dan Loved bikes as many people know, but this at the time was his little rocket.

Little background on Dan Gurney if you don't know this legend. He is one of the most famous Race Car drivers in the world, especially when it comes to Ford and Shelby factory back racing back in the 1960's. He raced the legendary Ferrari's, Daytona, GT40's and Cobras, this guy was awesome.

As I mentioned the Cougar and Cyclone Gurney Specials. But do you remember the AAR Cuda, ALL AMERICAN RACERS. AAR was started in 1964, Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby. Both these guys were legends, but Dan Gurney and a few others with their racing skills, really made Carroll Shelby a house hold name, these were the guys behind the wheel of the most famous Ford race cars at the time. If you take a look at my original title, it is in All American Racers Inc, and signed off By Dan Gurney, that is so cool, to be titled in AAR's name, and signed off by Dan Gurney himself, very cool.

Dan Gurney behind of the wheel of a Competition Cobra.

This bike is very original, with only 1000 miles on it. In 1978 Dan gave it to his race car mechanic John Miller. John was the lead on the Dan Gurney Eagle One race cars. John took it to his ranch, and never road it, the bike sat idle up until last year. John passed away, and a gentleman bought it from his wife, and I bought it from that gentleman.

I love the sign in the background, DAN GURNEY FOR PRESIDENT!!

I contacted AAR, yes they are still in business, and Dan's family are still heavily involved in the racing world. You can find out more about Dan, at his website,

I contacted Dan's family, at AAR and told them the story about the bike, I obviously had all the details and documentation, I am sure they get lots of people in the past, saying they have this, a race helmet, race suit etc, with out documentation, but I had the info. They confirmed the story about the bike and his best friend John Miller.

I hope to get the bike signed by Dan at some point.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!!!!! JasonWWhat

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