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13 years, still parking on the grass!!!

Crazy 13 years ago my wife and I built this little car business, here is our place that we just moved into with our 4 kids, you can see the old pump house, we had no shop, no yard, no fence, etc. I always wanted a nice yard to park our cars on, like some Back Woods type of Concours D'elegance, its is the best way to explain it, lol. We just started on a shoestring, I got 2 shoestrings now, I'm just a car guy wanting to have fun, with a dream to park cars in my yard, and make the neighbors raise an eyebrow. In the back ground, you can see some cool stuff, 1969 Torino GT, 1967 Mustang Fastback, and a 1968 Mustang Convertible, there are about 3 other cars lined up next to the Mustang, love this little 1937 Ford I built up from scratch to, this was right before the Rat Rod craze started. Our neighbors across from use, thought we moved from California, I laughed, no we just moved from a 2 cars garage about 2 miles away, lol.

Same old pump house, but now yard, stone walk way, fence, pavement etc. Shop is out behind that big maroon tree, you can see the corner of it. Sad thing is I sold that old Richfield Gas pump, perhaps I need to get another one. This car is on Bring A Trailer Auctions for auction right now by the way.

Right after we built our shop, have not paved yet, couple more gas pumps. This a 1929 Ford Model A pickup, that I bought at a local swap meet. Notice in the background the Mustang, that was a full profile of a 1965 Mustang Fastback, that I was going to hang on the building, very cool, I painted it to look like my favorite car, 1965 Shelby GT350.

Out back around 8-9 years ago, Paved a couple years before after I got sick of the gravel. This was a sweet ride, 1936 Ford 5 window, probably one of my favorite cars I have ever owned, there a few that I wish I had, Ill write a story on it some day, pretty neat old school history, car is still around in the area which is cool. This one spent a lot of time on the drag strip in the 60's and 70's. Super Rare Wheels, California Wheel Disc, made for 1936 Ford Bolt Pattern.

You might have seen this one on Hardcore Pawn, that pawn shop show in Detroit Michigan. I bought it from the builder out of Portland, Jonah Meade of Royal Customs. I had it for about a year or so, then sold it to a guy in Canada. Then one night I was watching TV and saw it roll up on the TV, I about dropped my jaw. When I originally had it for sale, those guys from Gas Monkey Garage, called me up, and wanted to know more about it, and was wondering how hard it would be to start it on stage at Barrett Jackson, which was 2 weeks away. We never struck a deal, I think he wanted to give me $15K for it and I wanted $25K for it, I passed. I sold it the next day for $25K, so I was happy!!!

Back out in the front yard, pump house off the right now. Barn find 1965 Mustang, this was a neat original car, went to a collector in Mexico. Out back you can see a 1969 Mach 1, it went to a TV personality, and out 2016 Mustang, that my wife won in a Raffle, seriously, people do win raffles, lol.

Our old 1970 Land Rover Series 2a, looking good out on the yard. It is in New York Now. A friend of mine had a special Denwerks 2 shirt made, for a our local Cars and Coffee event. I'll show you a picture of the shirt later.

Next shot shows our front yard, last time I will park anything there in the winter!!!

Out on the front yard, funny this old Fury was so heavy, that I had to get a chain and my Land Rover out and tow it off, this was in the winter and the ground was so soft, there are still 4 indentions in the yard today from the tires.

All lined up and ready to go, 1973 Saab 96, 1950 GMC, and 1923 Model T Depot Hack, you can see a burn spot in my grass behind the Saab, that was from a 1980 911SC I had sitting there running and burned the grass up.

Had to take the shot, had these 3 ready to head on transport. Satellite headed to Germany, Torino headed to Australia, and Ghia to Southern California.

The car we have on BAT right now, check it on, it has 2 days to go ends this FRIDAY, share with your friends, NO RESERVE!!!! Check it out HERE!!!

SEE YA, NEXT TIME, thanks for reading, please share our Site with your Friends!!!! DENWERKS!!!!

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