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Denwerks opens the doors to the Touring Club of Oregon... and YOU!

About a month ago, I got a nice call from a gentleman named Neil, he said he was part of this really cool club up in Portland, Oregon. The "Touring Club of Oregon", the name rung a bell, I remember seeing some of these folks at the 1st annual "Classic Car Rally" that left from Salem, in 2017. At first I was like, well I don't know, might be out of town, etc etc. I felt like I was in 9th grade again, and didn't want to do that Freshman class speech, started seeing stars and getting sick to my stomach. I said I would get back to him about it. Well anyways, he called again, and he was like we really want to come, lots of guys follow you on BaT. My wife is like let them come over, you knucklehead, so there you have it, I said yes. I was scared to death, what if I disappointed everyone, what if they thought my little operation was just in my backyard, which it is, lol.

Fast forward, here you go, they came and visited, around 40 folks in all, this last weekend . We has a nice visit for a couple hours, we talked about you guessed it, Vintage Cars. We talked about Auctions, Ebay vs Bring A Trailer, we talked about a little of everything, even my 1967 Fairlane Ranchero 500XL, (below).

One of the club members new that I had a 1940 Mercury Coupe here, and was asking questions about it, and wanted to see it. Another gentleman's ears perked up, his name was Ernie.

Well, by the time we got around to seeing the 40 Mercury, Ernie never left its side, he wanted that car, he had been wanting one for a long time. I did not plan on selling a car to anyone, it wasn't honestly on my radar, I was still thinking, wow, I should have had coffee, tea and cookies for these folks, not even taking notice that Ernie wanted that car. I guy came up to me, and was like, I think Ernie wants that 40 Merc!

It's so cool to see someone at his age still enthusiastic about cars. He's wanted a 1940 Mercury for years and he finally got one! So we struck a deal, Ernie and I shook hands, he gave me a $100 cash down, and we had a deal!!! I hope at 89, I am out still buying and enjoying classics, and getting to meet some darn nice people.

So Ernie picked up the car, a couple days later. So I called Denny (left) the gentleman I was helping sell the car, I thought it might be nice that they get to meet. Usually people in this business don't want to get a buyer and seller together like this, but I was like why not, they both loved the car, and I thought it would be great for them to swap some nice car stories which they did. So Denny got to see the Mercury off, and Ernie right, got to have the car of his dreams and drove it home. I hope to see him in the future, he as a few classics I wouldn't mind owning, if I can pry them out of his hand.

So, Having a car club over was an absolute blast! I might do it again, so if you have a club that wants to stop by, then let me know, sounds like a lot of fun, it was nice to break the ice after all these years and have some nice people over.

So If your in a club, or know someone in a club, or your brothers wife's husbands sister is in a club let 'em know we want more people to come and enjoy what we have here at DENWERKS!


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