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A DENWERKS T-shirt Contest, Stanley Smiles on Camera, and a First look at a 1971 Datsun 510!

We currently have our First Denwerks T Shirt Contest going on!!! All you have to do is like us on Instagram or Facebook, Like the T-shirt photo, share, and tag three friends!! The photo is on both Instagram and Facebook so there will be two shirts to give away! Enter twice if you want. Checkout Facebook HERE OR Instagram HERE.

Also It's Monday so Heres to that. especially a Monday after Saint Patrick's Day Weekend.

Picked up this 1971 Datsun 510 Yesterday She's a real beauty. Going to keep her around for a little bit to prep her for selling. These cars are so cool my daughter saw it and wanted it immediately. It's even cooler knowing newer Generations still appreciate these cars. Sadly for her it's out of her price range 💥👊😆😆.

Stanley's a true Character, but it's even better when he smiles for the camera. He really liked the 510 When we pulled it in! Stanley Approved!

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