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#100 Denwerks car Celebration; 1964 Grumman's Van!

This week is a milestone for us here at DENWERKS as we are celebrating our 100th car up for auction on Bringatrailer! Stanley grabbed his party hat and sat down for some of our celebrity cake!

The possibilities for this vehicle are truly endless. Transform this into a mobile coffee rig, a food truck, a camper, pack it full of motorcycles; let your imagination run wild with possibilities!

"We wanted to make it a Special "Denwerks" rig. Something new, weird, and something that's never been on bring a trailer before" - Jason

We've included a Black, white, and red awning show casing the Denwerks colors!

Number #98 a 1971 Datsun 510 and #99 a super rare 1974 AMC Gremlin with a 401 XR Sold last week! You can check those out #98 here and #99 here.

If you missed it, MSN wrote and Article on the Gremlin as well titled "The Rarest Gremlin in the world goes up for Auction!"

We also want to thank EVERYONE who's bought a car from us, placed a bid, made comments, Etc. You've all been a part of our growing Business so we thank you! If you've bought a car from us in the past Please send us some updated pictures on your rig and tell us about your experience!

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