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Denwerks Fishes up Four New Rigs!

This was a good week for finding new rigs here at DENWERKS!

1969 Ford F250

The first one is a 1969 Ford F250. The bed on this baby is fantastic for a pickup. As far as I know, the canopy top has been on there for years and you can tell from how nice the bed is!

1947 Military Jeep

The next rig I found was a 1947 Jeep! This one also came with a matching trailer! The rig is setup as a military Navy Jeep for parades.

1968 Ford Torino Pacer

The next car I've been contemplating on getting all week. Well I did it. This 1968 Torino was a Pacer car sold by the Ford dealerships. Only 709 were made. This is a one car owner from 1968; all original paint and has been parked in the garage since then.

(click the image below or copy and paste the link in your browser to see a cool pacer car video )

1979 Datsun 620 King Cab

The last car I found this week was just a lucky drive by find. We stopped at a stoplight and this Datsun pulled right up next to me. I rolled the window down and yelled out a number and here it is now sitting in my driveway! The 1979 Datsun 620 was the last year for this model!

We've had a great week here at DENWERKS and we hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep an eye out for these as we prep them for auction! :)

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