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1968 Torino Dressed to Kill! Indy 500 Pace Car!

As you know last week we purchased a 1968 Torino Indy 500 Pace Car. When we got it the official stickers from the Indianapolis 500 were absent and we wanted to find them and put them back on. This car sold new right in Oregon 12 miles from our shop ever since. When the New owners back in 1968 picked it up, his wife said "No Way, am I driving in that thing with all that writting!!!" Half the fun of buying these old rigs is returning them back to there former glory. So, We dug around trying to find someone that was reproducing the original Decals, and we did.

What do you think of the transformation? I think it adds a really cool layer to the car and it really makes it pop! It just looks at home now. They only built 709 of these cars for the race and dealers around the country, so it is rare to find a set of these being made.

The cool part is we put the stickers on ourselves. We just got the stickers in and I was thinking there was no way we could put these on ourselves. Our photographer comes out and he was like yeah lets do it (snickering to himself, yeah right)! Sure enough we did it and we were really impressed by the results!

Another thing will be adding is the Festival parade sticker that was commonly placed on the back fender.

Once we get this sticker in im sure will share a picture of it over on our Instagram page. Thanks for checking out the blog and we hope you have a great weekend! Also here is a little sneak peek at what just came in today on a trailer :)

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