Denwerks - Santa's 47 Ford and Sled Dog Brings Christmas Cheers!

Tis the season for a great ride in Stanley's Sleigh. I just crack up every time I see him, not only in his Argyle sweeter, but we were able to put a Santa hat on his, and he just stood there like he was something really specially. I am surprised he didn't try to eat the hat, he does everything else. I hope every has a great Christmas, make sure to love on your family and friends, and for sure, talk about Rigs, just a little bit!!



DENWERKS - What is that!

So I have a lot of people ask what is DENWERKS. Yeah they know I am into cars, but what is that word. For me I love the car hobby, but it goes much deeper then that honestly. This gentleman you see in this picture is my Grandpa. He was an inspiration like many grandparents are to young kids. Honestly he and my grandma were solid, the nicest folks you ever met, and would give you the shirt off their backs type of folks. They loved to fish, and I used to go on a ton of finishing trips as a kid. So here he is holding a couple of his prized catches one day, this was back in 1962 as you an see on the picture. Also they owned a Motel, called the Desert Hills Motel, in Kennewick, WA. They lived there as well with their 3 children my mom was the middle child, and the 1959 El Camino, had Desert Hills Motel on the door. I wish I could find this old rig, last seen in Kennewick, WA.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time with them over the years. My grandpa's family moved over from Denmark in 1909, and he was born here in 1910. They only spoke Danish when he was growing up and yes he walked 10 miles to school. So that is were the DEN comes from in Denwerks. I wanted a name that meant something to me, and would honor my hero. He was such a great man, he taught me a lot about life, how to treat people, and to conduct myself, etc. Yeah I have fell short in a lot of ways, but I keep striving to learn from his examples. He is been gone for a while now, but not in the hearts of my family. He and my grandma were the back bone to our family, and we thank them dearly. He was the hardest working person I knew, a jack of all trades, not afraid to tackle anything, and with that Werks, is were Werks was added to DEN-WERKS. So that's where it came from.

At Christmas time, they would always make Biscuits and Gravy, and that tradition still is alive today. What are we having in the Morning, You bet Biscuits and Gravy, and yes, ROOT BEER!!!!


Pink Lady

Well our little 1966 Yamaha Pink Lady, is off to her new adventure. This little Lady Yamaha U5E, is headed to Blakeslee Vineyards, to go on display there, not far away in Sherwood, Oregon. We loaded her up over the weekend, with Frostie's Root Beer though!

Pretty Tasty, Just Sayin!!!



Just had to add this, Nolan who takes a lot of our photos, did a great job with this Jail Bar 1947 Ford F1 Pickup. I feel like making some Denwerks Posters out of this one!!!



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Crazy Christmas Cars

Usually every week we show a strange car, so we thought we should find something for the Season, so hear you go. I thought this was pretty fancy, check out the painting, Any guesses what kind of car this is???? Comment below!


What Sold This Week!

1971 Datsun Scarab 240Z - Heading is San Diego!

1968 Camaro Track car - Heading to NY

1968 IH Travelall - Heading to CA

1966 Pink Lady - Headed to Sherwood, OR.

2000 BMW M - Heading to Sacramento, CA