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Up at Noon 1911 Model T

This car does run and drive, I have only driven it personally a few miles, but it seems to run good, and work like it should. I know last summer it went on a local cruise and ended in the town 4th of July Parade in Newport, Oregon, 2016, that is the last time it has really been out on the road. The engine sounds good, and does run off battery and magneto. The engine is a 1913, you can see the stamping on the side of the block, 1013 (oct, 2013). The transmission I am not sure exact year, I know that it is early, I was told it was 1911, but until it comes apart no one knows honestly. The rear is possible 1913 or a little after. Someone had I had a friend come over that knows these cars very well to help me identify things in general. He said that the body is a 1911 which obviously is important. The body is very good condition, the panels all look good, no signs of any rust issues or no rust repairs that I have noticed, every thing seems to be pretty clean on it. The fenders are in good shape, as well. The paint is in decent shape, it was painted back in the 1970's so it does have some age to it obviously, it has some paint chips, scratches, but it does have a nice gloss to it, but as you get closer, and look at it from different angles, you will see some light sand scratches, and areas were maybe chips were sanded out, and you can see this under areas of the finish, as paint gets older it shrinks some and ages, so things like that happen sometime. But for a fun get around Parade car, or driver, this 1911 will make someone very happy.

Check it out here or view our Live Auction page. Auction ends May 17th

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