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Week 1 Update

Were new to blogs and we hope your excited to see what we post here.

With summer quickly approaching and the rainy days slowly disappearing we are beginning to get more cars photographed and up for auction. We are currently working on a few cool rigs (1953 Dodge pickup, 1960 Ranchero Falcon....)in our shop that should be up within the next couple of weeks. Our closest one to being finished is a nice 1975 F250 pick up. We hope to get this rig photographed and up for auction next week. keep a look out for this beauty!

The 1952 CJ3A should be up today for auction and don't forget to check out our 1962 Corvair, 1911 Model T, and 1968 AMC AMX that are currently up for auction. Say tuned for more goodies!

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