Up at Noon - Sneak Peek 1960 Ranchero

We've got some cool cars coming up within the next couple weeks, but I am excited for our gorgeous little Ranchero. She's been in our shop for a couple months now but she is turning out to be a real beauty. We just recently coated the bed with a new liner and now we are just waiting on the new windshield to come in. We are very excited to get this car on Bring a Trailer soon. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek. Expect her to be up within the next month.

Our 1968 AMC AMX also goes off auction today at 12:50PM PST. Don't forget to check it out and bid before it's gone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully it wont be rainy like it will be this weekend in Oregon!

See link here for the AMX or check out our Live Auction Page.


#Ranchero #1960

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