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Week 3 Update: A Whole lot of Monkey Business

This week has flown by, mostly because we had Monday off and I forgot to do a week update last week. We've got some exclusive photos and stories to talk about from our week here at DENWERKS.

Summer is almost here... so come on by our sign is up! Were looking for cars. Got a classic car you want to sell? drive it over we want to look at it!

First up, We Sold our 1951 and 1941 Case Tractors. These two are going to a farm locally here in Oregon. fun fact 1951 was the peak year for tractors being made from 1905-1970's. in 1951 over 564,000 tractors were made.Increased farming increased the tractor production. Most of the tractors in the 1950's were not size demanding unlike today were a new tractor will cost somewhere around $100,000 to $250,000 because they are size demanding.

We finally received our new window for the 1960 Ranchero and she is looking sharp! We got her in and all cleaned up. The front windshield was completely redone and we added new sealer around it. The sealer around the windshield before was shot so we just redid it! The windshield has a nice clean fishbowl look.

The 1968 Mustang got a new Monti Carlo bar. The bar is to help keep the car stable around curves in the road. Some other things we are adding to the Mustang are Mustang GT fog lamps, and a 65-70 280 hipo air cleaner. The hipo cleaners are nice because they have small perforated holes around the filter.

This week I am starting something new and it's going to sound like I am trying to sell stuff, but that's because we are trying to sell stuff. Here is the item of the week! This weeks item is a 1964-1973 Mustang Center Console Black. The Console was just put up on our Ebay store so go check it out. It's selling for $130 or best offer. Click the picture below!

Our 1975 Ford F-250 is leaving today. She is off to California. She sold on for $12,750 on 5/30/2017. We know she's going to a good home and we are happy someone is going to enjoy this rig like we have.

Lastly, We have a bunch of other stuff on Ebay from Emblems, to Fenders, to oddball car items. We want these shelves to be clear so we can bring in some new items. Go check out our store! Click the image!

Our Ranchero and Mustang should be up within the next two weeks. Be watching for our latest cars and subscribe to our Blog posts to get DENWERKS updates.

Also dont let Monkeys get near your car their thieves.

To see the articles I got some of my info from check out these Links:

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