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Frankie - Denwerks Permanent Fixture

Our little Guy Franklin (Frankie) Anderson is missing, he has been our family cat for more then 9 years. We have had our business for about 13 years, so Frankie has been a big part of it. He now has been missing for 5 days. This did happen once before, about 5 years ago, and somehow he showed back up. The thing is, he is older now, and honestly he never leaves the property, he is just like a fixture in our lives. After a long sleep in, he shows up in the shop with his slippers and coffee and eats his snacks, lays on the porch a little bit, then mosey's out to the shop, to see what we are working on, gets in a few photo shoots, then heads back in for lunch. It breaks our hearts when he is not around. Frankie is my wifes cat, and our kids adore him as well. We will keep you posted if he turns up. If you notice our Logo, it has a Cat on it, well that is the Frankie, our little Buddy!!

While we were working on our 1951 Chrysler Windor Wagon, ol Frank, hopped up on the front seat, he loved to get in the cars and see what we were up to, he was a great supervisor!

When we go our new Stickers, he was overjoyed with excitement!!

One of my favorite actions shots, I think I had a bag of snacks with me, and he was on the prowl!

Last week actually we got a new Kitten, Frankie was warming up to her pretty good. She has big shoes to fill, if we don't see him again.

Love this shot, I was talking on the phone to a customer, and he hopped up on back of the Dodge, he thought he could smell some tender vittles out in the back 40.

Well enough Pictures for now, say a little Prayer for our Family, customers and friends, everyone knows this little guy who knows us, I hope he returns.

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