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Are Three Windows Enough?

I had the great opportunity to care for this 1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe Model 68 for short time, what a beautiful vehicle. Ford built a 5 window Coupe, and the Rare 3 Window Coupe as you see here. This is a very original car, still running its Original Flat Head V8 that the Ford Workers installed in 1936, what a time capsule. Back in 1936, the price range for a 1936 Ford, was $505-755, my how things have changed, might be able to buy a set of tires for that today.

I love the Swooping lines of these cars, just look at it, totally awesome. Love the Wide whites, and original Ford Artillery Wheels.

Here are the loving care takers of this 36 Ford for the last 30 years before it was graciously handed in my care. Lynn and Fah, from right here in Salem, Oregon. They loved this car, especially Lynn, he would take it to Car Shows all over the Northwest. Lots of people who own cars like this for this long, start to do modifications, because, yep, that's what guys like to do, lets make it faster. Lynn, knew not to do that to this special car. I was introduced to Lynn and his wife, from a very good friend of mine, Dave. Lynn was Dave's very close cousin and friend, and they would show their cars together at local events. Lynn recently passed away about 6 months after this picture, just a wonderful gentleman. I am so thankful that he took great car of this Coupe. He and his family hoped that I would find a good home for the it, who would care for it like himself and keep original.

Here it is today, looking better then ever. I found the right owner for sure. Jurgen the new owner, is a collector of PreWar only cars, and he likes Period Correct Hot Rods with history, and Survivor Original Cars. When he saw this car, he took ownership right away. It is located now in Germany in is very large Man cave that houses several prewar cars.

Here is another 36 Ford Roadster, what a beauty, perfect stable mate for sure.

I liked the car so much, I used it on one of my Business cards, problem is I have 100 of these cards, but I don't like to give them out, because I like to look at them, and once there gone there gone, but I guess I could make more, lol.

When I first got it, some one in the past had taken off the original bubble lens, and put a more modern H4 bulb in it, yeah you can see better at night, but I was like, those are going in the trash, thankfully the original chrome bezels and lens were found in a box that was going to end up in a yard sale a few weeks later.

There it is, under the bonnet, now that is a piece or art, Ford 221 Flathead V8, 19 stud, 85hp, original right down to the original carburetor. The only thing I added to the engine was the chrome head bolt caps, I just like the look, and they slip right over the nuts.

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