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Utter-ly Amazing Dairy Truck Rides Again!!!

This is one cool truck, 1946 Dodge WD20 bought brand new in 1946 by local residents, the Guyton Family. This is just an awesome piece of original Americana. Not only about the truck being a survivor with original paint and graphics, but the history of a hard working family living the American dream.

We found this truck just east of Portland, Oregon. When we stumbled on it, the owner at the time did not know much about it, he never really researched it, his plan was to maybe have it painted etc, then flip it. I was so glad that I got a hold of it, you can't restore this kind of original Americana, this is a piece of Automotive history. I feel like we were able to save its life. Yeah it could have had shiny new paint, but the history would be lost forever.

When I got it, all the windows were broken out, the interior was trashed, it wasn't running, no exhaust, but most of all, what it had going for it was, that it was solid, it was original, and I was about to get to the bottom of the story of this thing.

So we took it and our main goal was preserve it, like we have so many other cars, preservation of a vehicle like this is very important, you have to do it the right way though.

The first thing I did, was get on the horn and researched this truck for about a week or so, banging on doors, etc. So I got a hold of the Forest Grove, Oregon, historical society, the library, and city haul. All of them were very helpful and gave me a lot of great information. I was able to get original photos of Mr. Guyton and the truck together, awesomeness right here. I wanted to authenticate what I had, and put the story together.

This was the shot I wanted, check out this picture. All the logos on the truck, original, and even the logo on the back of the cab above window, it matched all the way around.

The day I brought it home, check out the logo on the door, can you say Original!!! Right before I got it, the truck was found on Copper Mountian.

Here was the interior when I got it, not horrible, but not good either. We totally took the interior apart. Rebuilt the seat, headliner, all the innner panels, doog gaskets, restored windshield frame, glass, basically the works, but we did not paint anything but the floor in the truck to preserve it. We got all the interior parts from Roberts Motor Parts, if you need vintage dodge parts check out his site.

I think it turned out pretty nice!!!

One of the biggest questions that I needed to know as well, because the city of Forest Grove could not tell me, did the Guytons by this truck new, or used for the business, I was not 100% for sure when it entered service for their Dairy. I had a few connections with the Oregon DMV, and was able to get a copy of the Original Title. Yep it was confirmed, they bought the truck brand new in 1946 for Guytons Dairy!!!

Next step was to take apart the engine and clean her all up and get her running and purring like a kitten again.

Lets just say, I think we did it some justice. Oh and Remember that I hoped it purred like a kitten, Yep It DID!!!

Pretty cool, the Original Guytons Dairy Sign. This sign still exist today. The property is still there and the creamy is still intact. They did not have a farm back in the 1930''s-1960's. They had a processing plant at their home, were they built the business. You got to remember this was back in the day when family business's operated, and they worked right out of their back yard. Funny, its 2017, and that is how DENWERKS VINTAGE CAR SHOP operates, maybe times haven't changed that much, or I am super old school, I just hope we can be in business for 40 years, we are at 14 years now.

Here is the home and creamy today. I got this from the owners of Miracle Sign. They bought the property from the Guyton's in 1977. Guyton's Dairy got bought out by Carnation Milk in 1966. In 1977 the truck was still parked in the creamy out back of the house, you can see the arched roof. The truck was still there up until the mid 1980's. Lynn and her husband own Miracle sign she was very helpful with giving me background information on the Guyton's. They had become very good friends through the years. They were very happy to see that the truck was going to be put back on the road. Here is their website. Neat thing when you go to their website, the first image you see is Salt & Straw Ice Cream display they made for them, how fitting!!!

I love the graphics and looks of this truck. This by the way is a Rare 1 ton long box Dodge WD20, this is a truck you don't see often, check out the wheels, and the big rear floating axle!!

The next thing after finishing up this beautiful truck was to bring it to the Best Online Auction, it is called BRING A TRAILER, awesome site. They started out as an enthusiast special interest sight, just a place to go, find needles in a haystack, see cars you never new existed before. I started going to the sight in 2008. They started doing auctions about 2 years ago, and I tell you they are the Best Auction site right now. We have sold about 70 cars there currently, and it has been great. Here is a link to the auction, you can check out their site as well.

I love the way this truck flows, the fenders, swoopy look, the ribs in the back, the rolled rear apron, just a cool truck.

Thanks for looking,


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