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The Cats Meow, or Better Yet the Dogs Growl, Grrrr....

When you here the initials AC what do you think of? Air Conditioning, it is summer time, how about AC Green, the Famous Lakers Basketball player who played more consecutive games then any player in NBA history. How about AC/DC, the band, that should strike a chord with some folks. Maybe there are some folks who think about the technical term Alternating Current. Myself, I go straight to AC the car company, I automatically think of the AC Cobra, yeah Carroll Shelby's legendary little 2 seat Cobra, even "The Rip Chords", sang a song called, Hey Little Cobra! Shelby showed up originally to Chevrolet, and wanted to build a killer Corvette, they said, nope we got it handled. Next stop, he flies across the pond and puts a deal together with an English Car maker, AC Cars Ltd.

AC Cars Ltd, aka Auto Carriers Ltd, based in Britian, started in 1903 were they debuted at the Crystal Palace Motor Show. AC is one of the oldest vintage brands in England when it come to cars.

I am going to focus on one car in particular that I have wanted for some time. I used to have a huge collection of vintage car magazines, like 20,000 of them, and I ran across a Road Test of this particular car you see on my page, in Road & Track January 1962.

But yesterday I see gracing one of my favorite websites, a project for sale, on Bring A Trailer Auctions.

Here it is here above, you can click the link below, it has about 6 days left, and it at $5,000 currently on the auction.

It obviously needs some work, but this would be a really fun car to own. It is a great project spendy to restore, but it does have its original 2.2 Inline 6. I have always been a dreamer, and love a great project.

AC made a lot of different models, but the Greyhound, was built off of the AC ACE, if that sounds familiar, it should, the AC ACE was the base car that Carroll Shelby built in 1961, with a 3.6 litre, Ford 221 V8, called CSX2000. He built one car, and painted it many different colors to make Ford believe he had multiple cars coming out of the factory.

Anyways, back to the Greyhound, it is just a cool looking car in my book. AC stretched the ACE Ace out some to capture the 4 seater market. The Greyhound was built from 1959-1963, with only 83 produced in a 5 year period. YES, 83 Total cars, of those how many exist today??? What is it worth, honestly I have no clue, but we will see how this project goes on BaT. Heck I might even bid, I like the idea so much, wouldn't mind stacking that car away for a bit and build something very cool. They made a 2 seater hardtop model as well called the AC Aceca, but I think the 4 seater model, looks better proportioned, and honestly, would anyone sit in the tiny seats, its like putting someone in back seats of a 911, they are there just for looks honestly.

I know the Greyhound is a rare car, but what I would want to do it, pretend I was Carroll Shelby, and build it how he might have built it back in 196, with period parts. Above you see him with the Original AC ACE CSX2000. Obviously it is a different body, but I would want to build a AC Greyhound Cobra, I think that would be great. Maybe a purist might not like that, but it would be the Cats mMow, or better yet the Dogs Growl.

Here is an original Ad for a AC Greyhound, ACE and ACECA. Notice the shorter roof line on the Aceca. Ace is a 2 seat Roadster, Aceca 2 seat coupe, notice the shorter roof line, and the Greyhound above is a 4 seater.

Couldn't help myself, original Greyhound Lines Bus. Founded in 1914, 103 year old company. Here is there moto "Go Greyhound and Leave the Driving to Us".

Okay enough of that, thought it is a cool bus, back to AC!

Here is a completely rebuilt 2.2 Liter Bristol Straight 6 engine, I have no clue how much it would cost to rebuild and restore one of these, but it won't be cheap. For instance check out the valve cover bolts I found on ebay.

Only $325 for a set of 4 Valve Cover Nuts!!!

Here is a another picture of the back of the Bring a Trailer auction car. I sure hope they have that rear window, with only 83 cars built, how many exist today, and I guarantee not many folks are going to give one up.

Have a great day!!!!!

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