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Lil' Pony - Looking for a Stampede on BaT Auctions!!!

Hey our little 1966 Mustang Convertible is on its way to auction, this coming Friday July 21st, 2017, 7 Day Auction, NO RESERVE. Check out our website in the next couple days, on our Auctions page, and it will lead you right to the auction. DENWERKS AUCTIONS

This will be NO RESERVE, meaning every one will be a winner here, it is going to sell no question. If you never heard BaT, check them out. BRING A TRAILER

This is the first peak at the Mustang, have not had it up for sale, it is exclusively going on BaT. See Pictures Below.

Beautiful interior, 2 tone blue, with Factory AC!

Detailed nicely under the Bonnet, nice and tidy. Original 289 V8, 2V, C code, Cruise-O-Matic transmission.

Factory GT fog lamps in the grill, I absolutely love the look of these, and every Mustang, I own, gets a set of these, no questions asked, just my thing!!!

One of my other favorite items, is the 1965-1967 Mustang Styled Steel Rally Wheels. These are actually 1965 examples, in 1966-67, Ford used a Trim Ring, instead of the outside chrome rim, I like these much better, not totally correct obviously for a 1966, but no one is going to complain. Red Center cap is a original.

Sitting out in front of my Vintage Pump house, if you look real close, the little sign is a Ford Sign.


7 Day Auction, NO RESERVE, TOP BIDDER GETS IT!!!!!!!

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