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Hey, If you want to get an email every time I write a new post, just sign up on the right and you get on the list!! Basically it is just fun stuff we are doing, and little reviews of this and that that I enjoy. Above this sweet little Survivor Subaru was sold on BaT, my favorite auction sight in the the world, sold over 70 cars there now.

Pretty cool, yesterday, I bought a vehicle from a guy that he had for a number of years, and he said the only reason he was selling was because he bought another car that he had been trying to buy since 1988. After I saw what it was yesterday, my jaw just about dropped, I couldn't believe this barn find. It was only built one year, its a roadster, and it is American, stay tuned!!!!

SERIOUSLY Sign up for our Blog, this is one of the Decals I am threatening you with, yes you get it for Free, and I even mail it for FREE!!!! When you sign up, just go to my contact information, tell me you did, and email me your Name and Address, and you will receive it on your door step, no strings attached!!!

Just a few of the fun cars that we been messing around with in the last year, all sold on BRING A TRAILER AUCTIONS!!!! Completed Auction - 1967 Malibu Station Wagon.

This one was awesome, all original 1977 AMC AMX, bought from the original owners, one of my first vides I ever did, was on this car, had the Original Owners in it, to unveil it out of the garage, here is the video link!! SEE THE VIDEO Your going to Love Margaret and Jim!!!!

This was a fun one that I did with my good friend at ACKMANN GARAGE, cool little BaJa!!! Check out his Cars and Coffee Page here in Salem. Cars and Coffee Society!

This was a sweetie pie, over in NEW YORK now with a collector, 1968 Datsun 520 pickup!!! Also sold on Bring A Trailer!!!

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