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Hey, this is just in from our Favorite website, well I guess second favorite website, Denwerks has the best, but I'll stay humble, and let them be my favorite for this post. I sold this beautiful 1963 Lincoln to the fellow BaT member last November. Its new home is in Sunny San Diego, Ca. I bet one of the first 2 do list is get that AC working!!!

The transaction went down perfectly, great buyer. The car was very nice, but not perfect, and sometimes little things happen with these old cars. When I had listed it, the car had a little bit of a seeping steering box, not a leak were it hit the ground, just residue around the seals, and would need attention in the future. Well, it decided while on transport to its new home, to go full out leak, the seal just decided to let loose, so when it got there, big puddle on the ground. I felt bad about it, but it just happened, its an old car, and Adam understood it, still a hick-up but a great sport about it for sure.

There are 2 types of people in this world one will call up nicely and talk about what is going on, and the other calls up screaming and yelling. I prefer the nice approach, I will bend over backwards, working with nice folks who understand old cars, I am the same way, it is what it is, lets see how we can work on these things together.

These old cars are a work of art, but they always need a little fixing here and there, lets not forget that, we work on them because we want to, and sometimes they decide to do things on their own timing not ours. We just have to smile, even when we don't want to, and love them to death, that is what the hobby is about.

Anyways, check out the Success Story, that the Buyer sent in to BaT, they did a feature on the car today, with its new Cali Plates, etc. I hope to see it on one of my trips down to San Diego in the near future.

Thanks again to BaT for giving us the opportunity to sell on BaT, THANK YOU.

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