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LL Cool J, May not be going back to Cali, Cali... but my 'lil Pony is!!!

Well my little 1966 Ford Mustang GT, is headed out to its new owner in the Bay Area. It's not its first time down in Sunny California, it spent many years in the LA area, so it whispered to me, through its Trumpet Exhaust note, I'm happy Pop to go back home!!!

I obviously buy and sell some cool vintage cars and some how I turned it into a business 14 years ago. I have not forgotten my roots, though, I buy cars usually on feeling, I don't look up price guides or previous auctions that often. I buy what I like, I buy on old memories, that is something that I suggest that most people don't do, because it can get you in trouble real quick!!!

So what made me buy this 1966 Mustang GT when I saw it? Well when I was a kid, around 17, I had a 1965 Mustang Fastback, 2+2 Technical name. Funny when ever most manufacturers use the 2+2 name, it usually is not a cool, like the Datsun 260Z 2+2, not that good looking, but the 2+2 Mustang, pure awesomeness, but this is obviously not a Fastback, its a coupe, not sure why I told the story, but hey, that's me!

Anyways, side tracked like usual, back to the Mustang GT Coupe. My second Mustang I bought was a 1966 Mustang Deluxe Coupe. It was Ragoon Red, Black interior, Console, AC, Black Vinyl top, hubcaps, Starting to sound familar?

Well I was 18 at the time, 1988, and I wanted that car to have the GT equipment so badly. I wanted that factory 4v engine, Fog Lamps, GT strips, and Dual GT Exhaust Trumpets, and Styled Steel Wheels. And yes I wanted that ever coveted Rally Pac!!! I wanted to turn Grannys car, into a respectable GT Machine. But I new better, she was so original. It didn't have a good ending though, I got rearended but someone who lets, say had a little bit to much to drink, the rear view mirror flew past my head and shattered the rear window out, wow.

Anyways, forward 29 years (that freaks me out, has it been that much time, lol) when I saw this 1966 Factory GT Mustang for sale, in the same color combo and everything else I wanted on that original car, I was like, Yep, I am going to own that car, it was perfectly optioned, just like I wanted back in 1988. Some may ask, so why did you sell it? The answer, is because I have about 500 more cars that are on my bucket list, and lots of memories to fulfill!!!!

I hope the new owners will love it just as much as everyone in the past. I am glad that I got to own it for a short time, because it brought back a lot of great memories for me.

I hope you enjoy it Fausto!! Let me know what you name it, I know we talked about what a good name would be, I'm excited to see what you come up with. Send me a picture with you and the family, and a name, and I will write a new post. Please also send a success story into Bring A Trailer Auctions, they love a good ending!!!

Have a Great Weekend. I will update you folks, when the new owner gets it, with pictures, on the other end.


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