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Since I can't Afford This, Maybe This!

So I have been a long dreamer of cars that I will never be able to own. There are many different reasons, but the main one is, 1st Rarity, the 2nd is the lack of funds, and 3rdly Lack of funds X10, so basically it comes down to lack of funds. So if that long distance uncle wants to make himself known please give me a call!!!

So I thought to myself, if I can't have that car, what would make a good replacement that would fill that void. One thing I do not like is kit cars, so you will not see on my list, that Lamborghini Countach that is built out of a Pontiac Fiero. I am talking about real vintage production cars or good modern production car alternatives, that have there own marque themselves.

So whats first on my list of cars I want, but can't have????

Yeah, your right, the 1964-65 Shelby Daytona Coupe, one of my favorite cars of all time!!. Built by Shelby American and Ford Motor Company to beat Ferrari at its game.

Shelby American was the 1st American Built team to every win internationally, at the FIA Wolrd Sportscar Championship in 1965.

I just love the body style, that swoopy back roof, talk about Fastback type of look, Shelby knocked it out of the park.

Love the profile of these cars, the long nose, and that concave tail light panel.

So what do I do, I don't have 10 million dollars on hand. Some people might say, you got to be nuts to spend 10 million a car, well I am nuts, and if I had 10 million to spend, I bet you I would probably have at least 100 million sitting in the bank, so I could afford it, lol.

So what is a Poor Classic Car enthusiast to do, like myself, "If I can't have this, maybe this!" I did hear that in 2015 Shelby said they were going to build 50 continuation Daytona Coupes, Aluminum body and some fiberglass cars, not sure if these cars were ever built honestly, just remember hearing about it. But I can assure you those cars are going to some high end collections, and have to be in the 500K range, just my guess. There is also Super Performance and Factory 5, which car cool, but still not the same thing, just a kit car, I want Pedigree, but with that there is a price.

So here is my Modern Alternative of a true sports car, that is influenced by the Shelby Daytona, look similar?? This is a Dodge Viper GTS, I believe they started building these around 1996, in GTS Coupe Form. I think this would be considered a 2nd Generation Viper. Obviously Shelby Influenced design. Shelby as you probably already know was heavily involved with Dodge, from 1983-til the late 80's. Shelby even modified some Vipers as well, RT/10 CS, around 25 produced.

I remember when the Viper was announced to hit the streets. I was at a friends house, around 1990-91, due to come out in 1992, and his dad was a long time collector of cars, and had a very original 1971 DeTomaso Pantera, another one of my bucket list cars, but Ill talk about that in another day. Anyways he shows me an magazine article on this new Prototype, and I just fell in love with that car. The first one I ever saw in person was around 1994 Viper RT/10 at a Dodge dealer in the Seattle area, it was so raw looking, fabric side curtins, and roof, I felt like I was looking at something really special. The closest I have ever been to owning a Viper, is in the lat 90's I had a remote control Viper RT/10, actually I have to look I might still have it.

So when the GTS came out with that slippery roof line, and the gas filler out the C pillar, I just fell in love again, what a beautiful car, the styling is totally Shelby Daytona Coupe, and why not, the Daytona was a perfectly beautiful Race Car, so why mess with success built on it.

Here is a Viper GTS-R, this was one bad machine, I am not a wing type of guy on a 1993 Honda Accord, but I can live with this on this GTS. What I love about the Viper, it has never gotten away from its roots, pure fighting machine, 10 cylinders of pure power, 2 seat sports car, what a machine!!

From dealer showroom straight to the track. Now Viper, I believe is ending production in 2017, I would have to double check that, but the legend is coming to and end. But the car I would really want is obviously a Blue with White LeMans strips.

But my pick would be the 1996 Viper GTS Indy 500 Pace Car, or any early GTS, but this would be awesome!!

So that is my alternative for not being able to own an Original Shelby Daytona Coupe, what do you think??

Have a Great DAY!!!!

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