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Emberglow Pickemup, Heading to BaT!

On a rare occasion you run into something pretty special. Honesty finding any old vintage pickup in this shape is special, especially a Ford, they were used and abused, they were trucks, they were meant to take a beating. I found this little Oldie but Goodie a while back, and didn't think much of it color wise, besides, that looks great, love the Deluxe Trim, Emberglow and Wimbledon White Color Combo, that had been repainted once, but has always been this combination. After we drove this little Bae home (my kids would be proud, BAE - Translation Baby if you old), which by the way drives like an absolute dream for a Twin-I-Beam truck, honestly one of the best old trucks I have driven in some time. We hopped right in and drove her 40 miles home, yes smiling all the way!!!

So I get to thinking later, I wonder if they use the same code for the color of a regular production 1966 Ford Mustang. I get to looking at the Tag, and see the color, and it is blank?? Well from my experience, in 1966 just like an old Model T. Henry Ford said "You can have any color you like as long as it is Black!" Well, you could order any color you liked in 1966, even off of another one of the Ford Car Lines, like the Mustang. But they would not stamp that code on the door tag, because it was not a color for a 1966 Ford Truck, at least one that was in the Brochure or manuals. That tag is what you would call a VIN Warranty or Data Tag. When you pulled up to the Ford Garage for service, they would take a rubbing of this tag, that is why the letters are raised, and look it up in the 1966 Ford Truck info, well if there was a Mustang Color code in the Color Line, it would confuse everyone, so Ford left it blank. So this is a guess, the customer came in and made a special order on this truck, and wanted Emberglow and Wimbledon white. I would imagine many trucks would not have been special ordered with special paint, just a guess, but it is a truck, and trucks especially at that time were meant to be used, no many people cared at that time what color it was, it was a farm rig, a work horse.

The truck was built in San Jose, California, and sold new at Hartz Motor Co, up by Sacramento, CA. Also notice the Y in the VIN, that is for 352 V8, which it as in it still.

If you look at the tag, you see WB T29, Color Blank, Model F100....

Since the color was Emberglow, the original seat was a standard Tan/Goldish color, they did not allow for special order interior colors. So the original seat material was not in good shape, you can't get a correct replancement and it had more duct tape wrapped on it, then a duct tape wallet. So I says to myself, "Self, lets lets change it up a bit." If I were buying the truck in 1966 I would have wanted something that matched. So here it is, custom seat done at our shop, not to shabby, Hope you approve. Notice I reversed the colors, White on top of seat, look at the dash, Emberglow on top and white on the bottom. Not many people would notice what I did there, but I wanted to mix it up a little.

We did a nice little engine detail on our little Bae, what do you think, looks nice I say, if an engine in an old truck could be called Cute, this is it, I know I am warped!!!

They didn't have a 16" wheel for a F100 half ton in 1966, they were 15". This is a set of 16" wheels that I had laying around, and I found then very fitting for this truck. The original 15" wheels and factory hubcaps are very bland looking, plus I didn't have an original set. You should have seen the wheels that were on this baby when I got it. The hubcap is not correct, but I wanted it to have a little bling, but I did have the FORD letters correctly made to match the original Font.

Umm, yeah not so hot looking!! Painted modern 16" wheels off a 1990's Ford F150.

I think the little truck turned out perfect, perfectly preserved, no restored. I would take it to any Cars and Coffee, or Any cruise in any day of the week. But most of all, I would take it out and use it, take it to the local hardware store, take it fishing, camping, have fun and work it lightly.

If you would like to see more of it, it is FOR SALE RIGHT NOW!



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