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DENWERKS Supervisor - AKA Stanley the Shop Dog

Whats life without a good old furry companion. Whats even better, is one that doesn't mind getting his paws dirty out in the old DENWERKS Shop. The perfect Shop Dog, he stays out of the way, doesn't boss the employees around, doesn't try to open boxes, or chew on electrical cords, what a dream, or maybe day dream!!

This was this morning, yep he was super excited to drop the kids off at school. Our daughter, drives to school, as I sit Co-Pilot. He looked pretty worried this morning, about driving with a teen at the wheel. That's how he starts the day off, as you can see extremely hyper.

Stanley is an English Bulldog, he is currently just about 5 months old. He is 30lbs, and has about another 30lbs to go!! Here he is last week, checking in a shipment, for some of the rigs we are working on. Remember how I said he doesn't get involved to much. Well as soon as the UPS man came and set the boxes down, he started to tear open the bottom box, and see what was in there, hopefully a snack of some sort. Turned out be be a set of Cobra valve covers, DARN.

Yeah, common sight.

Here Stanley is supervising Leonard while he is taking the front axle out of the F100.

Expect to see him doing some Super Model shoots with some of our favorite Rigs.

Last weekend, a friend of my wife's was bringing her son over. He said he was going to bring Stanley a big old steak. Someone didn't want him to forget.

First time I met old Stanley, here he is at 4 Weeks old. He was an instant keeper!!!

Okay, one more shot of Ol' Stan, this was about at 3 months old.

Couldn't Help myself one more shop, Meet Hazel, she keeps this big boy in line!!!

See Ya, have a great weekend!!!!

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