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Trading Flags for Cat Claws

Here is a little Story about a "Brand Spanking New", 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 purchased in Virgina, on June, 8th, 1968. In 1961, a gentleman goes in and buys a 1961 Corvette, has his way with it, for a fantastic 7 years. Now 7 years old, she is old news. He wonders in to the Mercury Dealership, and what does he find?

Young Gent, shows up in the Showroom in Hampton, Virgina, and there he spots it, right there on the showroom at Spencer Motor Sales. Away with the old 2 seater, here is something new, the 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7. A very sophisticated car, with just enough European styling ques to let you know you are driving something very special. So he says, Yes Mr. Salesman, I'll take this Augusta Green Machine, here are the keys to my worn out 1961 Corvette, treat her nice.

Here is his Letter to USAA, his insurance agent. Funny, now we just text or email our agent, or fill out some form online, and say hey, we bought a new car, no formal letter. He addresses them, Gentleman, take my old Corvette off the Policy, she has been traded in on his New Cougar. Oh and by the way this Cougar has AIR CONDITIONING. Sincerely, N.S. deTolly.

Now we know what this guys real hot button was, I want to stop boiling in that Hot Corvette, I need some AC!!!!

I love old paperwork on my cars, not to often you have it, but here is the original sales order. He paid around $4298.70 for his new Cat Claws. And I believe they gave him $677 bucks for that old Corvette, heck it was 7 years old, just a used up car in 1968!!!

I love the look under the hood, someone took a lot of time, make this car beautiful again, down to the factory stamped hoses, battery cables, very nicely detailed.

Interior, same thing, look at that Dash, very Euro, the gauges, factory Tachometer, toggle switches, very cool. Yep if you look close, see that little chrome bezel on the brake pedal, yep she has Disc Brakes, when you put the brakes on those Cat Claws dig right in!!

One thing I love about these cars, is those tail lights and hideaway headlights. The tail lights are awesome, they have the Sequential turn signals, they are so neat the first time you see them turn on!!

Lots of original documentation with this one for sure!! Interesting to note, I have the Marti Report, but also have an early Ford Report from 1997, before Marti Reports, which was ordered by a gentleman named Jim Pinkerton. Ring a bell, if you are a cougar nut, then you know he is a high end Cougar collector, who owns the very first Cougar off the assembly line. Not sure his involvement with this car, but it was ordered by him.

Anyways, thanks for reading, you folks who follow Bring A Trailer Auctions, this little Cougar will be up and running, NO RESERVE in the next day or two, check it out!!!

Have a Great Day......................MEOW!!!

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