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Euro Screwball Rally with SAAB NUTS!!

Check this out, I start talking with this gentleman over Social Media, FB and Instagram. We got a common rare problem, called SAABitus. We end up trading a set of Pre-1986 US Saab 900 Flatnose headlights, for a set of Euro Headlights, and somehow we end up getting to put Denwerks Stickers all over their Screwball Rally Car at the end of the day, wasn't expecting that. Crazy thing is Phil my new Social Media friend, flew the Euro Headlights from the UK, to Florida. His friend then shipped them from Florida to Oregon, and I in return, mailed my US spec lights to Florida. So then his friend hopped on a Airliner and he hand delivered mine to the UK with our Denwerks Decals. That's about how the story went in a Saab Nutshell, Please Read On.



It Started today Sept 21-Sept 25, Yeah Going on Right Now! The Screwball Rally is based out of the UK, and it is a timed event, with over 100 teams. A team would consist basically of 2 drivers per vehicle. The vehicles had to be purchased for under 750 GBD, that is about $1018 bucks in US dollars. As you know you don't get you much these days, let alone something that looks cool and actually runs, lol. This is a Charity event first of all. Each team, has to raise a minimum of 500 GBP (pounds), for their charity of choice. This isn't some 2 day Rally and 200 miles, this is a 5-6 day event were they cover 1,795 Miles, lot of miles in Europe in an old SAAB sounds like a lot of fun. They Start in England, head to France, then to Italy, on to Liechtenstein, up to Luxembourg, and end back in England. Sounds like a lot of fun, I would love to figure out sometime, how to go over there, buy a beater car, and do this myself, who knows, maybe I just might some day. You can go to SCREWBALLRALLY.COM.UK to find out more info.

So of course the Screwball Rally is really fun, 1800 Miles of Euro adventure in a $250 dollar Saab, with some other minded Nuts. But, here is why Team Saab Nuts is doing it. Their Charity they picked is called "Pilgrim Bandits" who support Ex-Service Personnel who have lost limbs or Faced Serious Injuries during Battle. If you Guys and Gals would like to read more about Pilgrim Bandits here is their website. PB

***TO BE A PART OF SAAB NUTS FUND RAISING DURING THE SCREWBALL RALLY, YOU CAN DONATE AT JUST GIVING, and read more about the cause. If you are nervous about going to a site, you can Paypal us here at Denwerks, contact us through our site, and I can do it for you, and list your Donation on your behalf.

Click Below to DONATE - PRETTY PLEASE, $5, $25, $50, etc, Anything helps :)


If you want to follow SAAB NUTS Charity Banger Rally, aka, SCREWBALL RALLY, check them out you can click on their Facebook Logo!

So what did there Saab look like before they decorated it up, for the Screwball Rally! First, a little background on these Saab Nut guys. Phil lives in the UK, and well loves SAAB cars. So he started a Facebook page called "Saab Nuts". A gentleman out of Florida, USA, joined the page, and became a member shortly after Saab Nuts was formed. Shawn and Phil are the admins of the page today, and have become very good friends. They had a great passion for the Saab 900 and spoke often. In 2013, Phil flew from the UK to Florida to meet Shawn. and hang out others in the Florida Saab Club. Since then, Phil has come back to Florida about 6 times to visit. This is what prompted Shawn to get involved with the with the Screwball Rally. Phil, served 14 years in the UK military, and Shawn comes from a family of Military members here in the USA. So they thought, this was a perfect platform to help Pilgrim Bandits, plus have a great time ripping around in a SAAB 900 all over Europe!

So what did they start with. Yep here it is, a 1992 Saab 900XS, She doesn't look to pretty. I am glad they love Duct Tape in the UK, just as much as us in the USA.

Its not official unless you got your names on the car, Looking good I think, I might even do that to my 900.

Here are a few cars in the Rally, 3 Saabs how fitting. By the way, there are all different kinds of cars on the Rally, not just Saabs.

Here is a shot of them going through a border crossing to get ready for the Screwball Rally!!! Now this is Classic, I thought they only did this in the USA, notice the little thingies hanging off the bumper, lol. Well it is official, SAAB NUTS.

Right Hand drive SAAB, now that looks like a lot of fun, I like the sticker to on the windshield but I am a little Bias.

After the Rally is over we will write another blog, about the funds they raised, and hopefully folks that read our DENWERKS Blog, will help out and some of the great folks on Bring A Trailer ( BaT).

Thanks PHIL and SHAWN, DRIVE SAFE!!!!!

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